Trail Camera From KAMTRON

Christmas Pick LogoToday is a day I am excited about moving. Today I am excited about all the room my craft room will have. I’ll be able to move around easily!! Waking up to that amazing view will be so calming. So, tomorrow I’ll be back to being sad about leaving Alice and my kids. But, today I’m excited.

So, what has me excited??  How about being able to set up this new outdoor Trail Camera from KAMTRON. I can’t wait to see DEER and MOOSE up CLOSE!!! Maybe a BEAR!! We definitely have Wild Turkeys galore. How fun will it be to share videos of our outdoor guests!

This is an easy to use, easy to set up camera.

The video is mostly of the backyard here in California. I did catch Alice singing on Thanksgiving behind the house where she didn’t think anyone was watching. There is also a clip of my Mom watering her plants on her patio. Then of course Gracie out prowling the yard.

Blends in to the background very nicely, no one even realized there was a camera set up in the yard. You’ll see that the trail camera has great night vision! Or course, I never did catch a shot of that dang rabbit that is destroying my trees.

The camera itself puts off no noise, there is no tell-tale red dot, it’s completely unobtrusive.

The trail cam has more perks like a remote control, a USB cable and a TV cable. The camera has a 2.4″ LCD screen so that you can actually save or delete from the screen and not even have to move the camera! The camera itself is 5.5″ tall with a mount on the bottom for a tripod. 2″ wide and arrives with a nice nylon belt long enough to secure to a tree. The camera takes a 32GB SD card (not included).

Another great perk is the 8 months of standby time thanks to the 8 AA batteries (not included) we can keep the camera rolling and hopefully catch some awesome footage. Which of course I will come back and add here. I know…. I am so SWEEET!!!!!!!


Awesome camera. Awesome price. I can’t wait to see a MOOSE UP CLOSE…. not too close! This would be a great gift for a hunter, wildlife lover or even a way to see what’s happening in your own backyard!


  • Rosie

    You got pretty good with that camera, pretty techy there! Nice sky and Gracie so cute. My brother would have loved this, he was always catching birds and rabbits in a homemade box that they would walk into, then we’d have them for a day or so and he’d let them go. I never saw a moose wild except on the Blue Ridge Parkway way up in the mountains.

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