Depression and Oxytocin

Depression can be described as a disease of a modern man. Almost everyone, at one point or another, exhibited some sort of depression and dissociation. However, those who were affected only briefly are not the issue. Individuals who are suffering from this condition for a longer period of time are the real problem. Although we are quick to say that there is nothing wrong with them, this disease is actually very severe and unfortunately, it can even lead to further problems.

sad1      Depression is something that can render person useless, both to himself and society as a whole. People suffering from it are showing various symptoms. First and foremost, they are unable to communicate properly with outside world and they are always moody. Things which were previously important and fulfilling to that individual are no longer so. They are limited to their own home, often disregarding obligations and not wanting to attend any social gathering. Unfortunately, any negative response from people around them is leading to even more secluded behavior. Individuals are losing their self-esteem with each negative situation that happens to them. The biggest issue with depression is that it can lead to suicidal tendencies. Furthermore, most of the people that commit suicide were suffering from depression.

This is where oxytocin comes into play. Depression is a social condition as much as it is a mental one. In that regard, if we are able to nullify social problems, we will probably be able to eliminate the mental issues to an extent. In most cases, this condition is caused by some severe trauma during childhood which made patient insecure about himself. Lack of love, bullying as well as domestic abuse are all reason why people would sooner or later, start exhibiting symptoms of depression. By reintegrating the person into society and allowing it to boost its confidence, we are able to treat some of the problems.

Oxytocin is used for process of bonding. People, who have normal or above normal levels of oxytocin, are able to communicate easier and to integrate within a group. All of that is important for confidence of patient. If the person feels that it is accepted by others, insecurities will begin to fade and childhood trauma can be suppressed for the time being. As a part of therapy, nasal spray with oxytocin or oxytocin sad2sublingual drops can be used as proper supplements for individual. One way to buy them is to order them online from Whenever we are treating depression, the most important thing for individual is to be surrounded by people who love him and to seclude himself from individuals that are creating negative emotions. Reintegration is an important step that makes person feel useful and which gives him a purpose.

This approach is still being researched. However, the first results are very promising and there is a clear connection between two. But, during the hormonal therapy, we shouldn’t disregard psychotherapy. There is always some deeper issue that is causing depression in the first place. Even though we are able to suppress all the symptoms, individual still needs to address root of the problem. Otherwise, the condition can only resurface in future.

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  • Nancy C

    Depression is such a complicated yet common disorder. I’m glad there is new treatments being discovered to help people who suffer from it.

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