Did ya hear?? Did ya??

I LOVE Blythe Lipman!! I just spent the last 45 minutes with Blythe on her radio show Baby and Toddler Instructions on Toginet.com. Blythe is on every Wednesday.  The time went so FAST!!! I had so much more to talk about!! You know me…. yap yap yap.

I feel bad I didn’t get to tell you about Choose To Be Nice!! (I’ll have a full blog post very soon!)

NiceChoose To Be Nice is a movement dedicated to inspiring and encouraging kindness. When we slow down and recognize what is nice in ourselves we influence others to do the same.  Ten percent of all sales will go to non-profit organizations whose values align with Choose To Be Nice.

When I wear my Choose to Be Nice t-shirt it is amazing how differently I feel and how my interactions with and among others are much nicer and more meaningful!!  I really REALLY feel this t-shirt WORKS!!  I think people feel compelled as do I to act in a nicer.

So many more companies that I wanted to talk about…. I guess I’ll just have to be Blythe’s guest again.  Insert HUGE grin here.


Thank you for listening!!  What did you think?? How did I do??



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