Dinner Time!

Dinner time is a pain in my skillet. I could easily cook for my entire family. Easy peasy.  Then in the blink of an eye, I am cooking for 2. ACKKKKKK!! I always make too much. Then we eat TOO much. (THEN I wonder why I’m so round??) ANYWAY!!

Whine, whine…. (have too! It’s in the NAME of the BLOG!!) Cooking for two is HARD. It sounds stupid to say that but going from a big family to just two gives me a headache.

Even though I WHINE about COOKING dinner. I am not whining about dishing up dinner, sitting at the table or even putting dishes in the dishwasher or microwave. Say WHAT??  CONNIE, seriously! WHAT are you talking about? What is the point of this post?? Have you lost more of your mind??

NO!! I AM leading up to my AMAZING DISHES!!!

Dowan logo

Dowan DISHES!!!

Yes, I AM OBSESSED with my DOWAN dishes. ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED!! From my go-to baking dish, to my colorful and AMAZING, colorful and PERFECT pasta bowls.

Dowan Baking dish

Dowan pasta bowls

I am feeling SPOILED TO MY VERY CORE with my Dowan collection!!

I just added dinner plates that GO WITH MY PASTA BOWLS!!!
YES, I am yelling. I can’t help it!  THESE are the most colorful and amazing plates. I LOVE them so much!

These dinner plates match my personality SO VERY MUCH!!

So, what do I make for dinner for just the two of us? Walmart’s roasted chicken is AMAZING! The Husband and I can make 3 meals out of that. Roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, veggie. DONE. Second dinner chicken burritos with refried beans, cheese and sour cream, veggie. DONE. The third dinner chicken sandwich, crab and shrimp salad from Safeway (IT’s SO GOOD!!). No MATTER how easy, quick, and uninspired my meals can be…………. THEY LOOK amazing on my new dinner plates!! HOW PRETTY ARE THESE!?!??!?!


Y’all remember when we moved to Idaho, I had this wild idea that we would use our china plates. The ones we got as a wedding gift 40 years ago. You know the kind; they can’t be used in the microwave. I AM A MICROWAVE cook. So, we went through a lot of paper plates. UGH!! First, wasteful, second expensive over time.

My Dowan dinner plates are dishwasher and microwave safe. (Can you hear the angel sing?? I can!!) Even freezer safe!!

When my plates arrived The Husband said “What are you going to with the old dishes? Give them away?”  NOOOOOOOOO I gave away something once and 16 YEARS later I need it!! I’m not falling for that again!!

So, old dishes in the cupboard that requires a step ladder to reach. (ya…. I’m never using those again am I?)

This colorful collection has many more pieces that will complete the set! From mixing bowls, dipping bowls (WITH LIDS!!), coffee mugs (regular size and SUPER sized) soup bowls, SO MANY, MANY items to add to my collection.  I love this design!!!!  Dowan Mixing Bowls

As I was collecting photos I noticed so many items in the Dowan collection are on sale. NOW is the time to grab new dishes and be ready for Holiday dining.  People will be jealous. Honest. Ohhhhhh if you are more interested in a more subtle look for your kitchen Dowan has you covered.

Classic white, bohemian, glaze specks and more.  Classic white Dowan

Dowan dishes

Dowan dishes


I would LOVE to hear which Dowan product is your favorite.

Thank you Dowan for spoiling me so much!! I LOVE YOU!!!



  • heather

    I love those bowls! I so need some of those and I love the colors that they come in thanks for sharing this one I will check them out now.

  • gloria patterson

    First ask your kids if they want those dishes! If not maybe its time to donate them.

    Love love the dishes the colors. Would be hard to pick a favorite color/pattern. BUT I love love the PASTA BOWL! I got one of those last year at walmart and fell in love. There is only me so I only have a plate & a pasta bowl. If I screw up and have company its all paperplates.

    Ever so often make your BIG meal. Eat dinner, save out enough for leftovers the next day and FREEZE the rest in ziplock bags. Just think tired don’t feel like cooking and just pull some bags out of the freezer. AND DINNER IS READY IN MINUTES

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