Do tooo

I know that DH doesn’t think I know where the cooking place is in our house…. but I do. I even know what that thingy is that has fire!! Tonight, I used 2 of ‘em!! AT THE SAME TIME!!

I made my version of Weight Watchers zero point soup. The soup is really filling and mostly vegetables. In a very large pot add: 1 pound of stew meat (I chop those pieces into smaller pieces, I want more vegetable than meat) Add a head of fresh cauliflower & one of broccoli, carrots, onions, zucchini, mushrooms, 1 can stewed tomatoes, 2 tablespoons of beef bouillon, 2 cups of water (or more) depending on whether you want stew or soup. After the veggies are tender I take about 1 cup out and put that in the blender, add back to the soup to make the soup a little thicker and give it a nice rich flavor. Let simmer about another 30 minutes. Then serve or do what I do and divide the soup into containers. I put 5 containers in the freezer. 1 container in the fridge. One for my lunch tomorrow. (For the true Weight Watchers Zero Point soup skip the meat & bouillon)

The best part is I don’t have to back to that scary room again for at least a week…. maybe 4. Wait… when is Thanksgiving??

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