Happy Birthday Boss

I’m sure that Brunswick will be contacting me soon to sign on with them for the 2010 Pro Bowler Tour. Yup…. I’m that good. Okay fine. Maybe not. But I haven’t touched a bowling ball in 6 years and I still wound up with a 125 average. Not too bad.  Birthday boy showed everybody up with a 237. (Ohhh I wish I could say the staff let him win… but this group is way too competitive for that)

Bowling really is a fun way to get your exercise in for the day. I don’t know why I don’t bowl more often.

After bowling, I was ready to pig out on pizza, cake and ice cream. But sometimes the fates are watching out for me. No pizza, no cake, no ice cream. Kathy made some amazing cupcakes, I had only one. Then I resisted the urge to grab the whole container and run to my car.

So great night, great company, great cupcake and I’m still on track with my diet. WOOO HOOO!!

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