Don’t Let a Cracked Windshield Drive You Nuts

Have you ever had a cracked windshield on your car or truck?

If the answer is yes, no doubt you have wondered who best could repair that problem in a short amount of time, yet not charge you through the nose for it.

When it comes to chipped or fully damaged windshields, you can get by with the former for the time being, though chips can grow into bigger damages (both size and cost) if not addressed over time.

So, is time to go in search of a windshield repair business for your vehicle?


Searching for the Best Windshield Repair Provider

In order to locate the best windshield repair provider, keep these tips in mind:

  • Customer service – First and foremost, the level of customer service you get from a windshield repair shop or any business for that matter can’t and shouldn’t be taken for granted. When you are paying good money to have your vehicle tended to, you expect to get your money’s worth. One way to deem what level of customer service you may get from a provider is of course by what others say about them. Do they have a good business reputation in the community, whether they are an auto glass company serving Mesa, AZ., or one on the other side of the country? You should also look online and in print (newspapers, magazines) to see what customer testimonials they are putting out there. Customers giving a company a “thumbs-up” without being coaxed into doing it is typically a good sign for businesses, so keep that in the back of your mind;
  • Affordability – If you’re like many drivers who have to negotiate their way through challenging financial times, it behooves you to get a fixed price on a windshield repair before agreeing to it. What might look like a small chip can turn into something bigger, so hammer out what needs to be done ahead of time. Some windshield repair shops will offer specials at certain times of the year, so stay focused on those. As for your auto insurance coverage, many plans will cover you for damaged windshields, so check with your provider for coverage. In some cases, the windshield repair shop can look up that information for you, saving you one step in the process. Whether you drive a new 2016 Mazda6 or a beat-up older vehicle, shop around for the best windshield repair, not settling for the first one you come upon;
  • Social presence – With many businesses taking advantage of all the Internet has to offer these days, turn towards the web when you need a windshield repair job. You can learn a great deal about a business in this line of work by the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other such pages. Look to see if the business responds in a timely and professional manner to customer inquiries on its various social pages. Instagram is a good site for windshield repair shops and other businesses to post images of before and after work. Lastly, if any shops seem to be getting into small verbal tussles online with customers, you might want to view that as a red flag. Any business that prides itself on being entirely professional won’t engage with customers in a negative way both online and in-person;
  • Honesty – Last but certainly not least, find that windshield repair provider that is not looking to pull one over on you. There are some business owners that will try and nickel and dime you to death. When that happens, they pocket the extra money and you and your wallet or purse end up the loser. Any shop that is honest will tell you whether you need a full windshield repair or they can fix the chip or chips in it without removing the entire piece of glass. You also want a provider that has a good warranty in place for its work. This is especially important if you drive for a living and your vehicle is exposed to flying stones and other debris that is regularly kicked-up on the roads.

Windshield repairs on your vehicle can be simple or a little more complex.

No matter which repair type your car or truck falls under, don’t let a cracked windshield drive you nuts.


  • Kate Sarsfield

    I remember getting hit by a small stone while driving a v. old car (pre-toughened glass). I just pulled over and watched, mesmerised, as it spread and spread, then the whole windscreen caved in on me!

    • Connie: The Head Peanut

      Ohhh my! That had to just hurt your heart watching that shatter. We drove to Costco last week and a stone it The Husbands windshield left a big ole’ dent. Luckily the windshield company got us right in and add that goop that fixes the crack and insurance covered it all.

  • Tamra Phelps

    Been there, done that. It’s always horrible to see that little hole in the windshield & have no idea how it got there! Definitely, get it fixed immediately before it spreads.

  • Rosie

    I recall when I was younger we were going under an overpass, with a pretty new vehicle, and suddenly the windshield cracked in many places. I don’t think we ever figured out what happened, as it didn’t look like there was any one place of impact, but there is no way we wouldn’t get that fixed and asap. And always make sure to have windshield coverage.

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