Double Rattan And Leather Ottomans! Comfort, Looks AND Functionality!!

My next sofa will have the chaise; they just look SO comfortable!!  For now though I will make do with a new set of ottomans.

I am thoroughly pleased my newest addition to the livingroom. This is a set of two rattan and leather ottomans.

First, the color. I ordered the brown. The coloring is perfection!! It matches my furniture perfectly.
wicker foot stool
Second, the size. I am so happy here!! There are actually TWO ottomans. The smaller of the two nestles inside the larger one when I want less ‘stuff’ hanging around or don’t need the second seat. The larger of the two ottomans is almost 17″ tall, 17″ wide and 17″ deep. Excellent size!! Inside is the second smaller ottoman and it is almost a full 13″ tall, wide and deep. I am impressed at how much these will hold for storage!! I was going to use them for the Grandkids toys but I opted to put the extra DVD’s inside. What a NICE fit!!

Next up comfort. There is enough high density foam padding that you can either comfortably rest your feet or sit on the ottomans. I’m very pleased with the padding! I love that the top is a smooth surface, no buttons or embellishments so it really is comfortable.

The ottomans arrive double boxed so that mine arrived without a single dent or scratch anywhere on them.

The ottomans arrive fully assembled and ready to use. The top opens with hinges on one side and a ribbon to keep the top from opening too far.

I’m very pleased with the overall appearance they look very nice in the room. These would look awesome in the bedroom as well or in an office.


Not a single whine here. Plenty of extra storage; which in a small house is always a welcome thing!! The color is awesome! The comfort is great. What is there to whine about? Nutin’! That’s what!!



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