Four of the Best Pop-Ups Around the World!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past few years, you’ll know that pop-up retailing is becoming increasingly popular around the world. Whether it’s a shop selling clothes or a chef trying to market their food, pop-ups are proving fruitful in cities and towns.

One of the reasons why pop-ups are gaining popularity is their flexible nature. Retailers can set up their stores anywhere and gives customers the opportunity to shop whenever and wherever they please. Whereas brick and mortar stores have to entice customers through the front doors, pop-ups are usually on the side of the streets with their product and services already recognizable to those who pass.

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Here are some of the most effective pop-ups around the world, showcasing pop-up success stories.

Pantone, Monaco

Otherwise known as the world’s most well-known color company, Pantone opened a pop-up café meaning fans could finally know what color tastes like. Of course, the menu didn’t offer paint samples for customers to devour but sold pastries, small lunches, coffee and fresh juice. All products were branded with Pantone’s signature color swatches making themselves incredibly Instagramable.

Fast Food Aid, Japan

Not all pop-ups solely push products or services instead but can make a social comment about society. Creative directors Ikkyu and Junya Sato noticed a growing problem with fast food around Harajuku and therefore launched Fast Food Aid, a pharmacy-inspired vitamin pop-up that offered a selection of health supplements. The only charge for a supplement? A receipt from a fast food joint.

Although this pop-up wasn’t selling anything for profit, it did manage to promote organic food chain Dohtonbori as well as provide guidance on a healthier lifestyle.

Organic Valley Coffee Shop, Manhattan

Stumble into the nearest town or city, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by the artisanal coffee movement. Organic Valley took heed of this sociological development and used it to market their new coffee creamer. The temporary storefront was mindful to adhere to the typical hipster tropes Customers had to order creamer at the counter from a barista before adding their coffee separately.

This marketing ploy proved successful as New Yorkers enjoyed the irony, causing them to queue for shots of Organic Valley’s creamer.

Beanz Meanz Heinz, London

Heinz is popular amongst the Brits who claim Heinz is part of their cultural image, and 50 years ago copywriter Maurice Drake penned the iconic advertising slogan ‘Heinz Meanz Beanz.’ London’s iconic Selfridges store is opening a pop-up store where fans can celebrate this beany birthday with a menu putting modern twists on the lunchtime classic. For devoted fans, the store will be selling limited edition Heinz cans, signed by Drake.

Pop-ups can be as fun as your business requires them to be, and has proved a fantastic way to promote any product and service. With pop-ups screaming “it’s not a phase,” it would be a shame to miss out on these types of successes.



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