FlipaZoo Candy Alternative For Easter Baskets!!

I have another absolutely adorable item for your Easter Basket that isn’t candy!!

Jay At Play started with the 16″ plush cuddle and hold FlipaZoo  and now they have added the cutest little collectibles. From the FlipZee plush and ALL NEW FlipaZoo mini collectibles that are arriving just in time for Easter!

If you’ve been around PBnWhine for a while you know that 5-year-old Alice is NUTS over blind bags. Holy moly! Who knew that a little mylar bag with a small little surprise tucked inside that can be found at Walmart could make a kid so happy!!

When Alice was offered a couple of FlipaZoo Mini blind bags to review she was so EXCITED!!!

These are two-in-one cuddle buddies for kids to FLIP over!!

The little 5 inch FlipaZoo Mini Collectibles are perfect for collecting.  There are 101 styles to collect. FlipaZoo Mini Collectibles have a hard body and a soft, piece to flip, flop and then there are two in one FUN!

FlipaZoo from Jay At Play has absolutely adorable pillow pals that are big, soft, cozy pillows that are two in one. NOW the same brilliant toy comes in a smaller size!

Each FlipaZoo Mini Collectibles and Flipzees features a flip-able body. So one minute you are playing with an alligator and the next you’re playing with a Unicorn!! Just flip the back over and reveal the surprise underneath!

Starting with the FlipaZoo Mini Collectibles blind bags, these are small 2½” hard plastic body that has a rubbery thick vinyl that flips over to reveal the second animal.

How cool is that?!

flipazooThe heads are the strong plastic the body is the soft:

I truly love toys that use kid power! No batteries, no computer, just their imaginations!! These have really sparked Alice’s imagination. The first thing she asks for when we walk into a Walmart is a FlipaZoo Mini Collectibles blind bag. $1.88 bribe for good behavior and her patience for my shopping trip is an easy price to pay. Then of course The Non has to video tape her opening each of her blind bags, again such a small price to pay for no whining that The Non is shopping too slow.

Alice creates stories and plays with FlipaZoo Mini Collectibles and FlipaZee and changes between characters quickly and easily.

Next up are the Little FlipZees of soft, plush and adorable characters. These cute little guys are almost 6″ long, cuddly and soft. Again, just flip, flop and plop the next animal to the top. It’s seriously easy. Alice had no problems at all. These would be excellent for even the youngest of children to help with eye hand coordination.

Alice is having a great time with these toys!! What’s not to love? They are well made! They are cute! THERE are TWO in every toy! How can ya not love that?!

These will easily make a great addition to any child’s Easter Basket!! Prices are great AND they are available at Walmart!!


No whines here! No loose parts, nothing to lose or choke on. The Little FlipZees toys are soft and cuddly. The Little FlipZees are hard plastic with no sharp edges and the rubber bodies are strongly attached.

Alice gives this set two thumbs WAY, WAY UP!!!

So cute!! Oh the FlipaZoo toys are cute too!

Easter treats that won’t break the bank either!!

Two thumbs WAY UP!!



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