Drain Claw Review & Giveaway!!!

First things first…… you’re welcome!! Why?  Why do I start off with that?  Because I’m not posting the pictures of the first few times I inserted The Drain Claw in to the drain. OH MY GOSH! Can you say GAG ME GROSS?!?!?!?  UGHHHHH!!!!!!  HOLY MOLY!!!
The Drain Claw is small.  But it is a MIGHTY tool to unclog your drain!! 

 I didn’t know what to expect from the Drain Claw since it really is so small.  I’m so very impressed!!!!  The Drain Claw is made of a coated wire. Don’t let it’s size fool you!! This little gem gets all the nooks in the drain!!  I can bend it to anyway I want to reach more and different areas as I unclog my drain.  I was amazed the first 10 trips into the drain what the little interlocking hooks on the end of the claw drug back out. G-R-O-S-S!!  (seriously I need a better word than gross!!!)  About the 12th time down I rinsed the sink (trust me you did NOT want to see the disgusting things I pulled from the drain. NO NO NO!!!!) then took a picture. The Drain Claw was still pulling out hairs and mystery stuff!  I could have zoomed in here but… well, again, you’re welcome!

The Drain Claw is small.  Takes up literally no space under the sink! When I was finished I slipped it right back in the bag. Ready for the next time my drain slows down.  (Did you know that we loose about a hundred hairs a day!? I’m sure most of mine were either in the sink or in the shower!! Before The Drain Claw)

I am 100% pleased with the Drain Claw.  I know you will be too!!  The wonderful people at The Drain Claw have given me a Drain Claw to give away.  (Ohhh then you have gross pictures too!!) a Rafflecopter giveaway<a href=”http://rafl.es/enable-js”>You need javascript enabled to see this giveaway</a>.


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