Dress Me! Children’s Book Review

Dress Me! Written by Sarah Frances Hardy is right up my alley. Alice and I love to play dress up! It’s so MUCH FUN!! This book sparks Alice’s creativity and what to dress up as next! Because girls really can be and do anything we WANT!! While Alice is still to young to really grasp the concept of a career, the NaNa wants to encourage her to be whatever she wants to be, but a doctor in the family would be really nice; just sayin’.

Dress Me!

A young girl makes her way through a variety of career possibilities—dancer, doctor, superhero, plumber—in a variety of costumes. She can be graceful, creative, brave, caring, silly, and even scary. She can wear braids or glasses, a crown or a beret. No matter what she chooses, her puppy is twirling, painting, and hammering right beside her, often with an accessory of his own. The story is simple and yet suggests infinite, limitless opportunities and the little girl’s right to choose who and what she wants to be. The message is one of exploration, choice, and self-expression. And ultimately another option for the little girl is to be “just me.”

This is a great book with simple text that Alice enjoys thoroughly. Each page has about 2 words each. Alice is in the beginning stages of reading this book is a great addition to our site word work.  Alice loves watching the little girl in the story playing dress-up. Will she be a lawyer or a doctor? Or maybe she’ll be a plumber!! This little girl isn’t just playing dress up, she’s imagining careers!  This sweet book is beautifully illustrated with fun pictures and great costumes.

The end of the book sends a message that while playing dress-up is fun, you’ll be the most comfortable dressing up as yourself.

From the author and illustrator of Paint Me! comes a new story that teaches children to explore and to be open-minded. Featuring simple text but an inspiring story and lovely, detailed illustrations, Dress Me!is sure to charm young readers and parents alike. This book is perfect for early readers and for reading out loud.


Not a single one! I am all for any book that sparks creative play! AND with simple text Alice is able to read this book to ME! That’s always a plus!! This is a sweet book from cover to cover!!

Publisher: Sky Pony Press

Format: Dust-jacketed hardcover sized 8.3 x 8.18 inches. 32 pages, full color. ISBN 1632204231

Publication date: May 5, 2015.

Target age range: 2 – 5 years old



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