‘ehhh say what Deary?!

This morning I’m just drivin’ along in my cute little car…. happy as can be blaring the radio, singin’ along.  THEN!! I made the mistake of turning the radio station.  Pre-set number 3 “Oldies” expecting Elvis, Hermans Hermets maybe The Monkeys or even a little Dean Martin.  But instead I’m singing along with ELTON JOHN!??!  OLDIES?!  WAIT!?!?  WHAT?!  Next song was by the BEATLES!  WAIT!! What are they saying!?  This is an OLDIES STATION!!!!!!!!  O-L-D-I-E-S!!  Elton John and the Beatles are OLDIES?!  I had to turn the station I couldn’t take a chance the chance that Michael Jackson was coming on next!


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