End of the World and GOODBYE!!

I’m ready for the end of the world!!  Big screen TV check…….. picked up the Panasonic TC-P55GT50.  Less than $2000 cause it was on sale.  I figure ya know…… go nuts, but lets not be stupid!  A sale is a sale!! End of the world or not!! 
Picked my brand new Maybach Exelero.  Yup… 8 million dollar….. sweet ride!! (kinda an ugly car if you ask me… but it’s really all about the status anyway…) And it goes 0 to 60 in 4.4 seconds!!  V12 twin turbo engine! 

Course, I needed a big ole honkin’ diamond ring….. I mean…. HELLO!!!  Something has to off set this really ugly but, very expensive car.  Only the best would do.  Liz Taylor’s $8,818,500 dollar diamond ring to be exact.  Ohhh yea baby!!  **I may be poor but I’m going out in style!! 

You’ve been the best followers EVER!!!

**I’m actually having dinner with my family…. you know…. just in case.   What about you?  What are you doing??



  • Anonymous

    Since you spent all that money, I have had to go into hidding. I have to sell body parts just to get a 30 day extension on the money you borrowed. Just waiting for my Obama bucks to get here then I will be alright. DH in hidding

  • Anonymous

    Well my first thought (and my favorite one), was go to bank close out accounts, go to Vegas find a great slot machine, put my arms around it (to take it with me). Then I looked around and decided I really need to do some cleaning and little baking dull huh. gg

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