Forming Connections: How To Build Your Professional Network

Nearly all of us have social groups based on different aspects of life, and your professional persona is no different. Having a professional network helps you learn new skills and discover career opportunities. Creating and nourishing these relationships gives you a wide range of people to contact during different times of your professional life. Keep reading this article for must-know tips on how to build your professional network.

Why Networking Matters

Forming connections with fellow professionals gives you a wider pool of people to reach out to if you need career guidance or to learn new skills. Additionally, it creates a safety net by providing a crucial way to prepare for a potential recession. During economic hardships, finding a job through online postings can be challenging; however, if someone from your network recommends you to your company, you receive more priority than other applicants.

Use Social Media

Social websites, especially LinkedIn, make it easy for you to reach out to fellow industry members. Create digital connections with coworkers, friends, relatives, mentors, and other individuals you know to begin building a strong network.

LinkedIn also allows you to seek out new relationships based on mutual contacts and online groups you join. As you build your network, browse through recommended connections regularly and send connection requests to individuals who could help you develop your professional persona.

Join Professional Groups

Search online for professional groups dedicated to your line of work or harnessing specific skills. This allows you to meet individuals in the same field as you; you can learn from these people and share your knowledge. Websites such as Meetup can also help you find local marketing and other business events that you could attend to make connections.

Keep in Touch

Don’t wait until you need something to reach out to the people in your network. Instead, send emails or texts at least once a month to see how the person is doing. As you get closer to the individual, you can also set up in-person meetings for lunch and chat. This also allows you to have more in-depth conversations to deepen your connections.

Make It Two Ways

When reaching out to your connections, ask them how they’ve been and what you can do to assist them. Like any other relationship, professional ones go both ways—you help one another.

This tip on how to build your professional network is essential because making every conversation about yourself will leave the other person feeling frustrated. Ask the people in your network how they’re doing, offer advice, and be of assistance. By nourishing this two-way relationship, you can ensure it lasts for the long term.


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