Enhance Your Confidence In 3 Simple Steps

Sometimes we can feel like we have become stuck in a rut. We might struggle to make it through the working day with our overbearing boss breathing down our necks, we may find it tough to navigate our way through complex relationships, and we may simply want more out of life. For all the yearning for change that we have inside us, only a few of us have the inclination and mojo to be proactive enough to actually change. Being stuck in a rut can be soul destroying and can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness. If you are feeling stuck in whatever part of your life, it’s time to unbury your head from the sand.

Being stuck doesn’t have to be a chronic condition. Indeed, your ability to get yourself out of a rut should mean that your feeling of hopelessness is a short acute phase of your life. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been in the same job for a decade or whether you haven’t had a holiday for years, life doesn’t have to continue on at the same pace doing the same old things. Change it up. Change is naturally scary. We worry that the reality of a new sort of lifestyle won’t live up to the dreams we have been imagining. However, you are never going to know until you try.

When you become stuck in a rut, you begin to lose your confidence. Your self esteem ebbs away as you begin to feel that your lot in life is already predetermined. It’s time to change your mindset and realize that you are only as confident and as stuck in a rut as you dictate. Take a look at how you can enhance your confidence in three simple steps.

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Get Social

Even if you are something of a loner and love your own company, there’s nothing wrong with making new friends and having new interests. Extending your social circle and going to more appointments, events or gatherings can help enhance your confidence. If you have a job that no longer challenges you or your relationship is fraying at the edges, it’s only natural that this will make you feel down. This low mood morphs into the feelings you have about your confidence. All you might need is a change of scenery and a chance to meet new, more like minded people.

If you used to be something of a social butterfly, there’s nothing to stop you from reclaiming that title. When meeting new people, you might find it difficult to work out what people are saying, especially when it’s crowded. Many hearing devices can drastically improve your hearing and they are discrete making them perfect for the more self conscious amongst us. If you have struggled in the past because you’re not a big fan of meeting new people, do so in a  controlled setting. If you join a new art class or soccer club, the chances are that most people there may be new starters and have gone alone to try out the club. Introduce yourself, smile and make small talk. Don’t put any pressure on the situation and allow it to develop organically. Yes, it might not always go according to plan but it’s worth a go to try and boost your feelings of self worth.

Do Something New

If you don’t necessarily want to meet new people because you’re something of a hermit, don’t worry. You can still try new activities to try and boost your self confidence. These simply don’t have to be in large social gatherings.

If you want to learn the violin, book yourself a taster lesson. If you fancy having a go at archery, head to a one on one coaching session. And if you want to learn Spanish, go to a tutoring session. There are plenty of activities for the person who enjoys their time alone. Loneliness and being alone are two very different things. Many people appreciate their own company and feel most content when they are on their own. These people might live on their own, and only head to social events once in a while. They might still meet up with pals for a coffee, but the circle of friends is probably smaller with more meaningful bonds. If this sounds like you, don’t let anyone try to coerce you into a large and loud event. This could shatter your confidence and leave you feeling low and depressed. Go with what you are comfortable doing and no more.

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Ban Social Media (At Least For A While)

In the twenty first century, the dawn of the Internet has made it nigh on impossible for any human being on the planet not to have at least one social media account. Most of us have multiple. You may have a Twitter feed, an Instagram grid and a Facebook account. Each of these online platforms were created with communication in mind. However, this worthwhile aim for bringing the world closer together has brought with it a whole host of less enjoyable traits.

People now feel more pressure than ever to look a certain way, to weigh a certain amount and to go on certain holidays. The heavily filtered images on Instagram are fake and photo-shopped, and yet we still buy into the illusion and begin craving something that isn’t even real in the first place. The incredulity of it all means that we are forever reaching for the unattainable, which can make us feel useless and sap our confidence.

Consider banning all forms of social media and taking a detox. While this may sound impossible, you need to fill your hours spent scrolling through Facebook on something more worthwhile. Get outdoors, leave your smartphone at home and enjoy heading to the park. Invite pals round for a barbecue and state that phones and social media are banned. Enjoy going to the gym for a workout session. Or head for a jog. While you might not want to ban social media forever, you can train yourself to have a healthier relationship with it for the benefit of your mental well being in the future.

Not having much confidence in life can hinder us from reaching our full potential. If you still feel yourself stuck in a rut, it’s time to do something about it. Follow this guide, be proactive, enhance your confidence and enjoy finding a new and more positive way of living once more.



  • Tamra Phelps

    I usually don’t mind being on my own. But, after a while, I will start to need some kind of social interaction, lol. I’m not as lacking in confidence as I used to be in my younger days. I wish we could all go back to our younger selves and say ‘oh, stop it. Don’t care so much about other people’s opinions.’

  • Nancy Chipriano

    I love this! And so true for me. When I step out of my comfort zone (which is really like a prison), I am much for confident and feel better all the way around.

  • Kate Sarsfield

    I’ve always said that loneliness and being alone are two very different things. I’m perfectly content being on my own for days at a time. When I was little I wanted to one of those silent, contemplative nuns!

    • Connie Gruning

      Dana, I’m the worst at disconnecting. Having my craft/room office has made a huge difference. 3 pm Bear barks. (Seriously, 10 minutes one way or the other this dog knows it’s 3! She’s so smart!) I go upstairs, hang out with The Husband. I still have my phone in my hand though. LOL

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