Top Tips for Settling into a New Family Home

The stress and upheaval of moving can seem never ending at the time. You’ve got so much to do in a limited time frame, and so much to think about. What to pack, where to put it, selling the house itself, getting transport – and all of the rest! But what about when the mania stops, and you’re left with the quietness of a new home? Living in a completely new space located in a new area can seem overwhelming for the whole family – especially if you’ve had to change jobs or schools. However, there are a few things you can do to make the transition that bit easier.

Make an Effort to Get Settled

Start with home security. Replacing the keys is an absolute must.  You do not know how many keys could be floating around. Second, consider adding an alarm system. Being in a new home, in a new area can be unsettling, especially in the beginning. To shop for security options click here.

When the activity of moving itself is done, and you’re set in your new home surrounded by boxes that need unpacking, it’s all too tempting to unpack the essentials, pull up a couple of chairs, order a takeaway and think, “we’ll do the rest tomorrow”. Unfortunately, this won’t help you or your family to feel settled in your new home and might even cause you to think fondly of the comfort of your old home and miss it. Regardless of how tired you are, make your best effort to start unpacking as soon as you’ve moved in. This can be an issue if you’re immediately renovating the new property because of course you won’t want all of your things getting caught in the dust and debris, however in this instance do what you can. Small items that remind you of how it feels to be “home” and a picture of the family can go a long way in helping you all to settle in quickly. Sometimes the process of buying and selling your home goes so quickly, especially if you’ve gone through a company such as that you hardly get a chance to catch your breath. If this is the case, it’s even more important that you make certain to ensure your surroundings are comfortable and welcoming. Remember you’re here to enjoy your new home and create new and wonderful memories with your family, so why not get started now!

Explore the Local Area

If you’ve moved to a completely new area, make sure you get out of your house and start exploring as soon as possible. Say your new home is in a spacious townhome community with plenty of friendly families around. Go around the area, visit the shared spaces, and talk to the people. Making an effort to be part of the local community is a great way to make you feel more involved in the area your new home is in. Even if it’s not your usual style, making an effort to talk to your neighbors is a sure start way to integrate yourself into the local community and to learn what’s what and get your bearings. you have children and they’ve moved schools due to the house move, although you’ll want them to remain friends with their old friends, do encourage them as much as you can to make new ones! Whether that be signing them up to an after school club or having a little chat with them to make sure that they know you’re always happy to have their friends over for tea, new and old. As a parent, you can actually help them out a little bit too by making an effort to make friends with the parents of other children in the school. You could offer to help out at school fairs, school trips, or even just by socializing on the school yard at pick up and drop off times. This not only helps them but helps you to make new friends too. Many long and strong friendships are founded in the school playground, for children and for adults.

Invest in Your Home Security

Last but not least, put your mind at ease and look into your home security. Even if you’ve moved to the nicest area with the lowest crime rate possible, the first few days and even weeks of sleeping in a new home can be fairly unsettling. At first, a lot of people feel as if they’re sleeping in someone else’s house and will jump or stay awake at every little sound they hear that is unfamiliar to them. But don’t worry, this is normal, and all houses have their own sounds, it just takes a little getting used to! Simply by looking into some CCTV installation and alarm systems, you can put your mind at ease in knowing that even if the worst situation was to occur, you’d be well prepared. It’s perfectly natural to worry about such things, so just putting safety precautions in place can help you in the settling in process. In no time, it’ll feel just like home!


  • Kate Sarsfield

    Every time we started the unpacking we’d always find something that made us wonder why on earth we still have it. One very ugly vase from the 50s springs to mind. No sentimental value, ugly as sin, no-one liked it but no-one wanted to be the one to get rid of it ‘cos it’d always been there, so it moved to 3 different countries and about 12 houses before it eventually got ‘lost’ in transit!

    • Connie Gruning

      Kate, I have BOXES of “cos it’s” been with me forever. My kids are gonna cusssss and moan and groan at me when they have to go through it all. Maybe when Alice is a teen and is here for a summer visit maybe she will want to unpack it all.
      AND 12 house?!? 3 COUNTRIES!! WOW!!
      I’m gonna do the math in my head now so please hold. 1 country. 11 WOW! I’ve lived in 11 houses. Dang! I’m a traveler. I did start from birth. Well, not the womb or we can say 12!

  • Tamra Phelps

    It took me a while to feel at home in the last house we moved to. It does really help to get to know the local area.

    • Connie Gruning

      Tamra, it’s been over a year for me. I think I’m adjusting now. The more I drive around and find new and fun things the better I’m getting. I have adjusted to the quiet perfectly. Just nature. SOOOOOOOOO quiet! AND as I am typing away a plane is going over head. Well, that was timing. I think my mother is probably behind that one. I haven’t talked to her today.

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