Best Christmas Tree Storage EVER!!

Well, if you’ve been following me awhile you know that I couldn’t WAIT to decorate for Christmas so the day after Halloween I went ALL OUT!!!  New Years day I was READY to put everything away.


Selena and Alice said “We are coming up to VISIT for a long weekend!” I am beyond giddy. Except…. they won’t be here until February 17th. So, because being ‘The Non’ is my greatest title I decided to stay with the Christmas Decor so when the girls arrive we will have Second Christmas. HORRAY!!


I have this beautiful TreeKeeper bag to review. So? What is a girl todo? Ohhhhhhh she takes the tree down, puts it back up in a different area. Just so she can see how easy the The TreeKeeper Bag was to use. IT WAS SUPER EASY!!

Now the Christmas Tree is up in that weird little area outside the master bedroom. GESH!! It’s January and I’m decorating a Christmas Tree again?!  Filled with presents under the tree. I am NOT hanging stockings.


We have three artificial Christmas trees; one on each floor. THANK HEAVENS can you imagine me trying to keep a REAL tree alive for 4 months?!?!

We went all out on our trees. They are an investment. We want them to last for years. Storage is an important part of keeping them in excellent condition!

Long-term storage for artificial Christmas trees is often an afterthought. Our trees came unassembled, in flimsy cardboard boxes. We’ve reused our boxes for so long it really is a big silver box now. It’s all duct tape.

TreeKeeper Christmas tree storage bag system to the RESCUE!! 

My favorite part of this bag is it’s a tear-proof bag. This strong bag won’t get punctured. My tree is safe and secure. Quickly followed by the wheels. BIG bonus for me! Manipulating the old box is awkward. Now I can just roll it down the hall and into the closet.

The bag even has these tie straps to help keep the tree secure.

Strong handles on the side and TOP! Sooooooo giddy here!!

This upright tree storage bag solution is the easiest way to store your artificial tree! Simply add this upright tree storage bag to your existing tree stand like an attached tree skirt and enjoy your tree for the season. After the holidays are over, open the skirt, pull up on the upright tree storage bag until it covers everything, use the included compression straps to cinch your tree tight, and this upright tree storage bag has your tree ready for storage in just minutes!

The TreeKeeper tree storage system attaches to your existing tree stand and acts like a simple tree skirt during the holiday season. When the holidays are over, open the tree skirt, grab the built in handles, and pull upward. The TreeKeeper compresses your hinged tree and gets it ready for storage in minutes! After you’ve compressed your tree, it’s easy to pick it up and move to a closet, basement or attic. With the convenient and sturdy side handles, you can even hang it up in the garage next to the bicycles. Now you can save space with your large tree discreetly hidden from view. Out of sight, out of mind – talk about the ultimate in space savings! Meanwhile, when it’s that time of year again, grab your tree from storage, unfasten the top zippers and straps, pull down the bag and your tree is ready to setup and decorate for yet another memorable holiday season.

Storage bags come in several different sizes to ensure you’ll be able to safely put your decor away for the year, no matter its size or height.

The TreeKeeper Foyer size upright tree storage bag for trees between 4’ and 6’ tall, which are perfectly sized for small, decorative trees in your entryway or anywhere else in your home.

TreeKeeper Medium, accommodates a tree between 6’ and 7.5’ tall.

TreeKeeper Large, capable of handling trees from 7.5’ to 9’ tall.

TreeKeeper even has a PRO series and the deluxe line of TreeKeeper upright tree storage bag solutions – the durable TreeKeeper PRO Decorated series! In both Medium and Large trees storage bag sizes can accommodate a fully-decorated and lit tree.

Seriously! What could be easier?!

So, Merry 2nd Christmas Little Peanuts! Ho-Ho-Ho




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