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I know I’ve mentioned before how much I love my ART ROOM!!! (Isn’t that a fancy name?) My friend Penny, who comes and crafts with me, called it that and it kinda stuck. Sounds FONCy (can ya hear that FOON Ccccc pronunciation??) FOCUS Connie. FOCUS!! (Trust me inside my brain is REALLY scary! So, this is kinda normal off the rails kinda …..LOOK over there ….SHINEY!) Art Room sounds better than craft room or my office. Right? Yeah. I think so too. 

Focusing, my ART ROOM!! I LOVE my amazing, ginormous space in the house. I have absolutely NO room to whine. BUT I will……….. again it’s in THE BLOG NAME! I have to whine!

In the summer my art room is cold, which in 100+ temps sounds nice but still on too cold for me kinda temp. In the winter my art room is FREEZING! F-R-E-E-Z-I-N-G! Electric heater under my desk, fingerless gloves, heavy sweater, UGGS freezing.

Where am I going with all this? Blankets and pillows. Being wrapped in a cloud of softness cuddly blanket and pillows is where I’m going with this. Think of the softest blanket you own…. now times it by a hug and cloud. (That’s the technical term for amazing softness!)

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College Bound or Just Away From Home

September, when kids head off to college or a new job away from home and family. HOW amazing would this set be mailed off to that loved one?!?! Some of these young adults are away from home for the first time. That’s scary. (I know, moving to Idaho was scary as …. that’s a whole other post ) So far away from home. Imagine opening a box with this beautiful grey 50″ by 60″ blanket which truly feels like sending a warm hug. (Oh my gosh, I’m gonna make MYSELF cry!) Mail this off as a surprise HUG! Top it off with a generous 18″ x 18″ super soft matching pillow. I think you should at a care package too. Make sure it’s the one with the M&M’s. Just sayin’.


While today it’s 80° outside and I’m cuddled into my cloud of softness and The Husband walks in.

You okay? 

“Yup, I got a new soft cuddly blanket and pillow”

It’s 80° outside

“Yup, the blanket is so cuddly!”

Aren’t you hot?

“No! It’s like being wrapped in A CLOUD of softness!”

I’m going upstairs. 

So Now I Have To Share?!!

While I’m not going to college, I am always ready to cuddle up in a soft (hug) blanket and nestle my head in big soft pillow. Apparently I’m not the only one in the family that can’t keep herself from nestling in this cloud of softness. I got up to write my post and I hear Bear (the GIANT Bernese Mountain, 150 pound fur baby) jumps up on the love seat and nestle her nose deep into the folds of the blanket. It was THE CUTEST THING EVER!!! Where is my phone? It’s on the armrest furthest away. OF COURSE. Do ya think she would stay that way? NOOOoooooooooo. When I did get to the camera, Bear was more in the mood of “I’m ready for my close up Mr. Demille” but only photograph my good side. Weird dog!

BTW note to The Husband… the FUR baby wasn’t too hot either!

Great Selection

Chunky knit throwAfter checking out the OCM site I have to say I am OBSESSED with the chunky knit throw! (Scroll back up… see the throw on the bed? How cool is that?! I need this throw!) Yes, I am a bottomless pit of wants and needs.

OCM has decor items, kitchen items, apartment to dorm life organization to big chunky knit throws. SO MANY things!! T-shirts, pajamas oh my! Care packages to accessories. Ya just gotta take it from me…… GO LOOK!! There were so many things I wanted to point out. Wall art with amazing quotes! Too many things so I’m hoping you will go look.

So, you do that I’m gonna get into my cloud, look at the clouds roll in and read. Maybe take a nap.

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