How a Whole Home Fragrance System Works

Do you love having your home smell like fresh baked cookies or fresh cut flowers? Whatever your favorite scent is, filling your home with a wonderful smell is easy with a whole home fragrance system. You no longer need to worry about tipping over burning candles or trying to keep oil diffusers full of water in every room. Read on to learn more about a simple solution to making your entire house smell great.


What Is a Whole Home Fragrance System?

This device is a diffuser that is designed to attach to your home’s heating and cooling system. It is a conveniently sized box that mounts easily to the wall and holds the fragrance of your choice. A small tube runs from the device and is inserted into the outflow duct. These home fragrance systems are designed to fill your entire home with a lovely scent.

How Does it Work?

When the component is turned on, an atomizer turns the oil into a very fine mist which is sent through the tube. Then when the warm or cold air flows through the duct system, it carries the fragrance oil with it. Since the air ducts flow to every room in your house, the scent immediately pours into every room with an open vent. An app on your smartphone controls the device, so you have complete control over when and how much fragrance flows through your house. Larger bottles of oil can last for a few months, making it very convenient to use this system.

What Are the Advantages of This System?

Using this diffuser is much easier and safer than other fragrance devices. One of the advantages is that no water is needed, so you don’t have to do anything except periodically change out the oil bottle. This design is very convenient as some small room diffusers only last a short time before running out of scent or water. Another benefit is that you no longer have to worry about burning candles or melting wax to get a wonderful smell in your home. Since it works with your HVAC system, you can set it to run even while you are not at home, unlike candles. When you return after a busy day of work you, are greeted with an inviting scent.

Why Should You Use a Diffuser in Your Home?

If you’re wondering if this type of system is right for your home, then think about the times you want your home to smell nice. When we live in our house every day, our noses become accustomed to the scents of cooked food, pets and children. However, these sometimes unpleasant odors can be very noticeable to guests. If you are planning a party in your home or even considering an open house, a whole home diffuser can make your home smell nice in every room.

Keeping your home smelling good doesn’t have to be a chore. A whole home fragrance device makes it simple to make each room in your home smell wonderful.


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