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Today, I’m gonna talk healthy stuff!  Not carrots (they’re just gross) but healthy as in Naked Bone Broth. Here is what I learned and what made me so interested in trying Naked Broth Protein Powder.

Naked Bone BrothNaked Bone Broth has one ingredient: protein powder sourced from premium European beef bones. The bones are processed in Sweden using mechanical and thermal processes to retain beneficial nutrients and to increase absorption in your body. 

Bone broth protein nourishes your entire body and naturally increases collagen production with glycine and proline to support gut health, strong hair and nails, healthy joints, and radiant, supple skin.

Just add 2 scoops of the savory bone broth powder to hot water, soups, or stews for 20 grams of extra protein with a superior amino acid profile and all the BCAAs to support muscle recovery and growth. 

First, they had me at increasing collagen. Then supports gut health, I’m totally IN! Strong hair, yeah I need that (WHAT is WITH the thinning hair after 60?!?!) nails! (Again, 60+ and hello, where ARE MY FINGERNAILS!?!?) Joints. ( I know if you are over 60 you are already laughing. Yup, my knees go snap, pop, crackle!) Then my eyes really twinkled! RADIANT and supple skin?! COUNT ME IN!!!!! Let’s try this stuff.

Seriously, did you know that Bone Broth did all these amazing things?? I had no idea.

The Label

Even the LABEL is NAKED! As in very clean and very well…… NAKED…. no added labels, banners, arrows or unnecessary ‘look at me’ stuff.  I like that. It’s such a clean label I don’t mind it sitting out on the counter. Good job Naked Nutrition.


First, I admit it, I had no idea what to expect. What on earth would Naked Bone Broth taste like. PLEASE someone else tell me they expected it to taste like well seasoned beef stew. PLEASE!?

WELL, we would all be wrong. WRONG. WRONG. WRONG. It’s NAKED Bone Broth. N-A-K-E-D. It’s Naked. Don’t laugh but, I have even put it in my COFFEE! (I don’t know about you but my coffee is IMPORTANT to me and The Husbands survival). Coffee with a little cream and two tablespoons of Naked Bone Broth to start my day. I will say you do need to mix this. I found it best to add a small (maybe a fourth of a cup) of coffee or whatever hot beverage you want and mix well. (Side note, The Husband and I use thermos mugs for our coffee because I’m famous for leaving half cups of coffee everywhere and having to microwave it just to forget about it again. Vicious cycle! So instead thermos cups!) I put my coffee, 2 tablespoons of Naked Bone Broth and shake, shake, shake for about 30 seconds. NOTE to self. ALWAYS release the pressure SLOWLY before hitting that drink button. (Yeah…. coffee and bone broth everywhere!) After I have mixed my coffee I add more coffee and my cream and voila….. I have a GOOD for me cup of coffee. That still tastes like MY coffee. It doesn’t taste weird at all. It just sounds very weird.

Add it to soup. Add it to any hot or COLD drink.  I’ve added it to my cold drink too but that I put into the mini blender first and mix with peach tea. I swear you can’t taste meat. It’s NAKED people! NAKED I tell you!!

What have I noticed in the last 3 weeks? My biggest AHH HAAA moment was looking at my smoother cuticles. Now, I know you’re thinking SO what? Well, mine are usually bad, they get so dry and cracked that I bite them. I have no torn, bleeding cuticles. I have not added a new lotion, cream, or supplement other than my Naked Bone Broth. To me that was a big WOW moment!! My cuticles look amazing!

I’m all for NAKED Bone Broth. Thank you Naked Nutrition for a product I didn’t even know I needed!! Just like my Naked Peanut Butter Blueberry shake…… Naked GOOD!!



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