StoryWorth Is NOT The Way To GO!

One really good perk to having a blog is getting to WHINE when you get ripped off. I am steamed!!

On Instagram I found this deal from a place called StoryWorth. Answer questions and send pictures.

Their ad says: We help you record your family stories all year long, and preserve them in a beautiful book.

Okay, sounds like an amazing idea.

I pay for 2 books one for my daughter Selena and one for my son Zachary.

I sent $128.00   True a little steep but it will be so worth it. UNTIL a year later and I only get $78.00

Okay?? Where did the extra $50 go? Back and forth with customer service and here is their response.

I was able to pop into your account to explore this further for you. It appears you purchased a subscription for $89 which would include a book credit for one black and white book. All subscription come with a black and white book. Then you purchased an additional book. Which brings your original total to $128. Color books that are under 300 pages are $79 and color books over 300 pages are $99.
You are trying to order two colored books which would total $158 and your two book credits subtracted $78. Leaving your remaining balance at $80 plus shipping which is $5.49. Bringing total to $85.49.
I hope I cleared a bit up for you. Let me know if you have any other questions, happy to help!
Clear as MUD right?? Nope, you didn’t order the correct book so we are just going to keep the extra $50??!
So, here is my review. RUN AWAY!! This company is NOT a trust worthy company to deal with.
Blank Leather JournalPersonally, I believe my money was better spent buying a blank leather journal and writing stories in my own handwriting.  Which is exactly what I have done.
Okay, I feel better now. I said my peace. I feel better.
Remember Storyworth IS BAD! Run AWAY!!
Blank leather journal. GOOD! AND pretty too!!


  • aaron

    It does make perfect sense IF you understand their platform.

    The $89 subscription includes the service + a book printing credit. You added an additional credit, bringing your total to $128.

    Paid $128
    Two b+w book credits = $78

    They didn’t steal your $50. The additional $50 (admittedly steep) is to use their system to send you questions for a year.

    It isn’t a cheap thing, but it’s almost not cheap to print a one-off bound book.

  • gloria patterson

    WOW I sure hope you understand that a lot better then I did. Took me 3 reads and still not . It sad how easy it is to get took

  • Tamra Phelps

    I’ve heard of them. I’m glad I decided it was too expensive!! I couldn’t make sense of that explanation they gave at all…

  • heather

    Thank you for the heads up! I was into the whole idea until I kept reading. I so so so hate it when a company gives you all that mumbo jumbo while they are stealing from you.

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