How to Know it’s Time for You to Take a Break and Go on Vacation!!

It’s easy to get caught up with life and forget to take a break. With work hours getting longer, the kids having summer activities to participate in, and the chores adding up at home, it’s sometimes next to impossible to find time to go somewhere and relax.

In fact, you probably would feel guilty if you were to take off and enjoy some alone time, or travel with your significant other. Why would you leave on a trip when there’s so much to do around the house? Plus, the kids will be starting school in just a little over a month – how are you going to find time to go school shopping and get them ready for a new quarter?

These questions and more likely flood your mind when you consider vacation, but shouldn’t. The truth is if you’re finding less and less time to find time for yourself, then that’s exactly why you should take a vacation. Enjoying some down time like these kawartha lakes cottage rentals can be a fantastic way to relax and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul.

Here are more signs that it’s time to unwind, stop worrying about the day-to-day tasks, and take a break.

You’re getting stressed out easily

If the little things that your husband says are getting under your skin, and you’re feeling short tempered when the kids ask you a dozen questions, chances are you need to step away and take a break. A mom can get overwhelmed, and with that comes frustration and perhaps even losing your temper. You’re only human and if you’re feeling overwhelmed that’s just one sign that’s telling you to slow down and take some time away. Your significant other and kids will understand that you need some alone time, especially if you haven’t been acting like your normal, happy self.

You’re dreaming about getting away

MaineIt’s normal to think about getting away when you’re feeling overwhelmed, and part of that is thinking about the places you’d like to visit. A cottage rental in the beautiful Northeastern wilderness probably has crossed your mind a few times, as has walking along the beach. Where you go doesn’t have to be elaborate; there are many vacation rentals in the United States you can consider.

You can’t concentrate at work

If you work full time in addition to being a mom, or perhaps you’re even single, you deserve some time off from time to time too. Just because work is overloading you and there are certain goals to meet in the next couple of months doesn’t mean you don’t deserve time off. Explain to your boss that you’re feeling overwhelmed and that time away would help you refocus. A company would rather have a dedicated employee than one that’s distracted and isn’t being very productive.

Think about where you’d like to go and make it happen – you’ll come back feeling revitalized and ready to handle, work, your family, and whatever else has been bogging you down!!


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