Enky Travel Pillow Review

First the whine….. where was this little gem when I flew to Hawaii a few months ago?!!? This is the handiest travel accessory ever! 
However, you don’t have to be taking a plane trip or even a long road trip!!

How many times have you looked in the backseat and saw this?!?! Alice and her poor neck! It makes my neck ache just looking at this picture!!

I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to review the Enky Travel Pillow.

First! It inflates fast! Fast as in can be fully inflated in 2 big breaths!!  Or if you’re me; more like 4 breaths!  Second it offers neck and head support. It’s comfortable; which probably should be number one! I control how much air goes in so I make it comfortable for ME or for Alice!! There is a soft PVC flocking feels comfortable against your skin and prevents heat build-up.

Ergonomic Design
The Enky Travel Pillow gives you proper support on the go, it helps prevent tension and strain in the neck and shoulders. Arrive refreshed! NOT sore and stiff!!

Once you’re all done with your travel pillow deflate it by squeezing the air valve and the pillow. Once it’s deflated it folds away flat!! Folds flatter than my wallet!!  6¾” by 4.½” by less than 1″!! AND once its folded up, put it in the matching cover. Which fits perfectly in suitcase or glove box!! The Enky Travel Pillow doesn’t take up unnecessary space!!

Added bonus, it’s lightweight – Weighing in at only 3.5 ounces when packed away inside the matching cover!!

Nope! Not a single one!!  The Enky Travel Pillow is a quality travel accessory!! The Enky is easy to use and equally easy to store.  WE highly recommend the Enky Travel Pillow!!




    I always take a child’s swimming armband with me for long coach/train/flight journeys. I should have patented & developed it further methinks!

  • Tamra Phelps

    Oh, when I see a kid sleeping like that I always cringe, lol. My neck would be aching! This pillow would be great for kids, but nice for adults on long road trips/flights, too!

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