Nuvo Electronic Cigarette Review

A few short years ago I lost my younger brother to cancer. That really reinforced the fact that smoking is a nasty and dangerous habit! Now, I promise I’m not going to preach or harp at y’all. HOWEVER!! My 34-year-old son Zac doesn’t fall under that promise! While Zac is a little too old to ground or take away his x-box; no matter how much I want too!! I can harp at him. A lot! An AWFUL LOT!! Zac’s a fantastic son!! I want him around until he’s 101! Or longer! So I hinted in a very firm voice, using the ‘mom face’ that he try Nuvo Electronic Cigarettes. Because he is such a great son he agreed. Because his birthday is coming up he agreed with a smile!!
In all seriousness Zac jumped at the idea of try Nuvo. I firmly believe unless you are ready to quit, nothing will work. Zac is ready to quit. (Thank Heavens!!) Here is his review.

The Nuvo cigarettes and nuvoNuvo Ultimate combo comes well packed in a very nice box. It contains the Nuvo eCig, Nuvo Ultimate, each with a USB charger, USB wall charger adapter, 5 refill cartomizers and user manual. The user manual is surprisingly nice! 25 glossy full color pages with actually useful information and coupons at the back too.
Being pretty much still new to the eCig craze, only messing around with a couple cheap ones, I found the Nuvo Cig very impressive. Personally I absolutely love the style and finish of the Nuvo. Sleek modern look with brushed stainless. The Ultimate being a little larger and tapering down to the mouthpiece and has a really cool looking side button the has a blue illuminated ring that lights up when pressed. The refill cartridges and in the same brushed stainless for a perfect match. I couldn’t have asked for a better looking cigarette really.

The standard Nuvo cigarette is composed of a 3.7v battery and a screw in refill cartridge. The internal microprocessor turns the cig on when it detects you inhaling on the mouthpiece, very cool and handy.

The Nuvo Ultimate is a 4.2v battery, a screw in refill cartridge and a screw on tapered cone. The larger battery is for a more robust vaping experience and it certainly delivers, it will put out quite the cloud.
Since both require different charging adapters I split them up leaving the Ultimate at home and taking the standard Nuvo with me to work. Worked out great!

Now to me, with actually using the Nuvo to ween me away from tobacco cigarettes, flavors and nicotine levels are more important than a stylish look. Nuvo comes through again! I opted for a few different flavors and nicotine levels, I am happy with all of them! First one I tried was regular tobacco flavor with medium nicotine level. I thought it was great! Enough nicotine to take away my craving and the right flavor to trick the rest of me into believing it too! Next were two vanillas, one high nicotine one low nicotine. Frankly I may have mixed them up, both tasted the same and I can’t tell which has more nicotine. Which to me is a great thing, knowing this should make a great tool to slowly reduce my nicotine intake without much of a difference.

Being impressed with the flavors I tried, I opened the remaining mango and peach flavors just to try them. They were as great as the others. Both nicotine levels were high but didn’t take away from the great taste. Peach may just be my favorite flavor, or a tie with vanilla. All are quite realistic I would say.

If you are looking for a serious eCig the Nuvo should make it to the top of your list. Especially if you are planning to use this to quit smoking, the Nuvo will give you plenty of nicotine and smoke to help. Having awesome flavors to choose from while you do it is icing on the cake.

NuvoCig is a high-end electronic cigarette company that offers revolutionary vaping products and accessories. We are asking people or companies to review our products – we offer e-cigs with unique cartomizers that equal two packs of cigarettes, coming in 38 flavors such as Mango, Coffee, Apple, Blueberry, Atomic Fireball and more. Our products are available in 5 nicotine levels (super high, high, medium, light, and non-nicotine) and we’ll soon introduce specialty products including e-cigars and e-hookahs.



  • Sandy Cain

    Interesting! I haven’t tried any substitutes for the real thing yet – but I really should. Not just for my health, but one pack in my neighborhood goes for $13.00! Gotta check this out, Connie – thanks! : )

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