Etekcity® 8GB Digital Rechargeable USB Voice Recorder Review #etekcity

MP3Guess what this is?? I know you’re first thought is a USB Flash drive. That’s what I thought when I first saw it. It’s not!!! It’s a Voice RECORDER!!! 8 GB of voice recording. Spoiler alert, you CAN use it as a flash drive too!!

It’s amazing to me!! Voice Recorders or TAPE recorders started out so BIG it took up half of the desk. Through the years they have gotten smaller. Small enough to go into your smallest bag. Although,  I truly never expected one this small!! WOW!! This Etekcity® 8GB Digital Rechargeable USB Audio Voice Recorder is SO COOL!!

I usually have my best idea’s while I’m in the car! Whether it’s idea’s for blog posts or activities to do with Alice, I’m somewhere that I can’t write! Add to that the very (VERY) short memory! Y’all don’t get some of my BEST lines!!  Because, thinking that I will be able to remember till I get home… is well, FUNNY! I don’t remember what I had for breakfast!

The Etekcity 8 GB USB recorder is PERFECT!! I can put it in the smallest purse I own! I can put it in my pocket with NO BULK!! I can record everything from Alice singing, my idea’s, grocery lists and even MUSIC!! This is the perfect tool for the job.

This recorder is super simple to operate with a single switch, on and off button at the top. Wait till the light turns blue and record. Turn the switch off and it stops recording. Make sure to  wait for the light to go off before inserting this into the USB port. It needs a second or two to save the file.

Charging the recorder is easy too, plug in to any USB port on your computer. Each of the charges lasts for HOURS!!

When you are ready to listen to your recordings, plug into your computer USB port and all of your audio recordings show up in WAV format. I can leave my files on my recorder or transfer to my computer.

Added BONUS my recorder also functions as a regular 8GB flash drive!! WOW!!!  This is one very handy little gadget!!! The flash drive works on Windows, Mac (with third-party programs), and Linux PCs.

I can record 150 HOURS of audio!!  ONE HUNDRED and FIFTY hours!!

My recorder charges quickly!! As in, fully charged in 3 hours. The battery lasts for almost a full 10 HOURS!!

I couldn’t be more impressed with my Etekcity® 8GB Digital Rechargeable USB Voice Recorder!! This is little gadget is AWESOME!!!

Bigger bonus! It’s on sale for $16.89 on Amazon and Amazon Prime Eligible!!

Two enthusiastic thumbs UP, WAY, WAY, WAY UP!!!!

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