ETEREAUTY Facial Brush Review

Errrrrmegawd I love this so much !!!!

Facial Brush Cleansing system

I don’t know about you but I feel so gross at the end of a long work day – I just want to scrape off my makeup and the grime. I crave a squeaky clean face and body. My favorite new tool – The Etereauty facial brush. It comes with 5 heads, so that means 2 brushes for your face – one for now and one for later. Then a polishing stone, a pumice stone and a body brush. I unpackaged the brush and put it into the shower in the included holder.Facial brush cleansing system

  • The unit is water proof – which is paramount. I don’t even want to look at ones I have to use over the sink because I am a busy lady and I have to multitask.
  • The brushes are soft but they are just abrasive enough to do the job. Right after I rinse the brush I dip it into baking soda and then my face soap so I get that extra squeaky clean feeling without tearing up my skin.
  • I like to use the large body brush for shaving prep. I find myself trying to grind the brush in an effort to slough off dead skin but at this moment, this very second I just realized I might get the same benefits if I dry brushed my legs to slough the dead skin. I’m gonna try it.
  • The pumice stone works wonders on wet rough spots on your feet
  • I haven’t used the pink polishing stone yet – mostly because I haven’t really read up on what its for.  I’m more of a try it before I read the instructions tech nerd. IT’S JUST SO EXCITING TO GET A NEW TOY!!!!
    Facial Cleansing Brush System

The unit takes AA batteries so stock up and ORDER!! It’s worth your Money!!!

This review was written by my darling daughter Selena.



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