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Battlefield Earth!! Audio Book!

I listen to books all of the time. I always have one in my car because, well, I practically LIVE in the car! I am so excited to start my newest book another timeless classic from L.Ron Hubbard!! Back in 2013…. wait… what?!? 2013!? (That was a LONG time ago!!) I reviewed a stack of audio books from L.Ron Hubbard. Classic titles like No Gun Man and The Iron Duke and tons of books in between.

The newest book I’m listening to arrived on a MP3 stick!! I LOVE TECHNOLOGY!!!! Battlefield EARTH!! Written by L.Ron Hubbard. I have a couple of great clips to show you about my newest book! I’m so excited to start listening.

Battlefield Earth by L. Ron Hubbard



Galaxy Press has published 80+ titles in the Stories from the Golden Age line of books and audio-books. Audio books are AWESOME listening.

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