EVEN Better Crafty Little Me!!

This week has already been AWESOME!!! I woke up today with a message that I won the MEGA Craft Bundle VI from DesignBundles.net

Design Bundles

So, ya know what that means? It means it’s time to get craftin’!

I see so many things that I want to make RIGHT NOW!!!!!

I really love designing tumblers so I decided this would be my first project from The Mega Craft Bundle.

First, I can’t say enough good things about these particular tumblers. I just keep coming back to this particular brand because they have a slide over the opening which I like a lot! Especially during bug season! UGH! Bugs in my coffee? No thank you.

I snagged the blue 12-ounce tumblers this time. I’m thoroughly impressed at how long cold drinks stay cold. Hot drinks stay hot. With Schiipper tumblers my ice cubes melt so slowly. I love having a cup full of ice at the end of my drink!

These blue wine tumblers have a fitted lid, slide opening. Unbreakable, made of 0.5mm stainless steel and strong!!

There are 2 stainless steel straws with their own cleaning brush plus 2 extra lid seals too!!!! Under $16.

HOWEVER, the best part, and the reason I keeping coming back to this particular brand is that they take vinyl perfectly!!!  The vinyl stays strong washing after washing. Now, I do not put them in the dishwasher only because I’m not 100% the vinyl will stay. I guess I should try a tumbler that has the vinyl to see if it does stay put. The tumblers without the vinyl are dishwasher safe.

See?? Shiny! With the new MEGA Craft Bundle, there are a ton of coffee related SVG files so I picked “Coffee Owns Me and I’m Fine With That” and I picked a silver chrome vinyl that I just bought. I think the silver around the blue tumbler and the chrome vinyl makes it POP!!

My first cut didn’t work because the chrome vinyl is thick! So, the second cut I used a different setting. I used sparkle vinyl setting. That worked better.  Although, I am still not a fan of the chrome vinyl.

BUT, even though I don’t like working with the chrome, I am really pleased with the look. These tumblers are so PRETTY!!! That blue really POPS!

Coffee mug

Not a good sign Tshirt
Yesterday, before the win I created a t-shirt for Alice. I saw a kid in Walmart wearing a t-shirt similar to this and thought, I need to make that for Alice because that’s FUNNY!!




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