Every Day Is A New Discovery With My Bright Journal

Here we are day 4. OH MY GOSH are you kidding me?! It’s only DAY 4!?!? How is Alice this hyper already?! Are the “Non, I’m bored” whines supposed to be weeks away!??!

We start our days off with breakfast which I now make her help make. I figure I can do it in 5 minutes OR she can do it in 30 minutes. HA! 30 minutes used up! MAN I am SMART!!

Dishes cleaned up. Again. Alice has to help. Seriously, what do I care if the dishes aren’t super clean?! It’s not my house! Not my dishes!  Selena, Dan; I’m kidding!! ForgetaboutMy bright journal book coverit!!” 

Next up Alice does a page in “My Bright Journal

You have GOT to see this book!!

First the book is made of sturdy paper. The cover is nice and thick. The inside paper is almost a craft paper, thick enough that markers don’t bleed through.

The fonts inside are easy to read!! Even The Non here can read without my glasses! SWEET!!

So, what exactly is My Bright Journal? It’s a book for kids and parents to explore. Starting with the first page where the child adds their name, age, height and special characteristics. The identical page is on the last page for comparison.

The first pages are for the parent or care giver. It’s a great read!! Trust me, I often skip those pages because they are dry and boring. This is not! This is jam-packed with great tips, hints and ideas. The biggest one is that the journal is meant to be done together.

To The Parents. Read. Now; what’s in the book already right?!?

Each page is a single day activity. Starting with a Scientific Fact. (REAL fact! You can Google it!) Like did you know 2/3’s of the people on earth have never seen snow?! (Sarah I bet you wish that was you some days huh??)  What about the fact that a single DAY on Venus is a YEAR long?! Say what?! (Yeah, I don’t know about you but I’ve had days that felt like that!!) My Bright JournalNext up is the section for field notes. We use this for either what we will do for the day OR what Alice and family did over the weekend. It really is her space to draw whatever she wants. AND practice her writing to describe the picture she just created. My Bright JournalMy absolute favorite section is Gratitude of the day. Alice has to write (again a great way to practice penmanship) 3 things she is thankful for. This is helping Alice recognize she has a pretty cushy life!

Last but not least is the foods section. Alice is introduced to different foods all the time, so this one takes a little more creativity. We’ve agreed to go to the grocery store every Monday and find our new food to write about. I can’t wait to see what she finds! I promised if she will taste it so will The Non. This should be interesting.


I really have no complaints! The paper is thick enough not to bleed thru to the next page. The book is well made and sturdy enough to last a 6-year-old for the entire 84 days of her journal AND I’m learning even more about Miss Alice!! It is also a great way for Alice’s parents to get a glimpse of what her day was like.

Absolutely a wonderful book. Would be an amazing gift for any child.  Recommended for ages 5 to 10.



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