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Fun In The Sun!! #WaterWubble Style GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s Day 5 of Summer Vacation. It’s HOT. It’s time for some water sports!!! HELLO Water Wubble!!! A water balloon that can be reused over and OVER and OVER again!!  The Water Wubble doesn’t pop! AND doesn’t need to be tied!!
Water WubbleIf you have kids you no doubt have seen or heard of Wubble Balls, Wubble Bubble Ball, Super Wubble, or Wubble X. and NOW?!? Water Wubble which truly has become our favorite!! The Water Wubble is the newest product and it’s GREAT fun!! So much better than those balloons that come on a stick. Those never seem to all expand in my opinion. While the Water Wubble isn’t truly a water balloon because it doesn’t explode or break it’s more like a water ball?

It’s still so much FUN!!

Per 6-year-old Alice Water Wubbles feel squishy when they are empty and even more squishy when they are full of water. The Wubbles are easy to fill up. Using a bottle of water was easy, but holding the Wubble under water was even easier; so easy in fact that 2-year-old Charlotte was able to fill her own Wubbles.

There are several ways to fill the Wubble, submerging it in water, pull the valve out and fill with the faucet or even pour in water from a bottle with or without the valve pulled out.

When you push the valve back inside the Wubble it automatically closes. The valve acts like a flap and keeps the water inside; until it either hits the ground or another person. Or in 4-year-old Caleb’s case is squeezed out into your own face!

So? Does it work?

Yes and no. The Water  Wubble doesn’t seem to splash out the water when it’s thrown. Sorta, because the kids were drenched within minutes but that was more of them pulling out the valve and squeezing the entire contents of the Wubble onto each other. Now, do they splash out all the water if someone older and stronger than the 6 and under crowd throws them? Well, I don’t know, a screaming fit ensued when I tried to take a Wubble to test. It was NOT worth the fight!! Sorry guys! I love ya all but I was enjoying the down time while they played.


I LOVE this set!! The Water Wubble arrives with 8 Water Wubbles. Enough for 2 teams. Red team, blue team. The kids needed absolutely NO explanation or assistance to fill or use. I just handed them empty Water Wubbles and they started using them immediately.


One lucky winner will win their own set of Water Wubbles!!!!!!!!!!!! Good LUCK!!!
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