Excelvan Q8 Full HD 4K Waterproof Action Camera Review

Y’all know how much I love my photography. I love taking photos everywhere I go. However, I’m not taking my Nikon anywhere near the water! I was thrilled to be offered this little sports action camera from Excelvan; similar to a GoPro. The picture quality is PHENOMENAL!!
I took this little guy to the LEGOLAND Water Park. Between 5-year-old Alice and I we took some great movies. This Excelvan 4K Action Camera sure takes some crisp clean videos. If you want to take a photograph simply hold down the OK button on the top of the camera. To zoom in use the top button on the side. Holding it down even longer will turn on the WiFi. Super easy to use.
Click the MODE button on the front of the camera to get to the mode you want, video camera, camera only (don’t forget that you can always snap a picture while you are in video mode simply by holding down the top OK button, slow motion, playback and lastly the settings. In setting you can set the picture resolution, loop recording, language, date time and so on. IMG_9881
The Evcelvan has a 4K 30fps video resolution, 16MP image resolution, and IP68 30m The camera comes with a waterproof case and extra shell, a bicycle bracket mount, miscellaneous mounts, clips, helmet mount, bands, battery, adhesives, ribbons, wire rope, USB cable, charger, wiper, and instructions.

Evcelvan 4K waterproof case is awesome, well-fitting and tightly sealed. Having been in the water all day long I’m confident that the waterproof case truly protects my camera. The case closes tightly and securely, it’s not going to accidentally come open, even when the kids are doing the handling. It is also good to 30 meters. Charging is quick and easy. I found that the camera was fully charged in about 3 hours. Using the 4k feature I can get a full 90 minutes of recording.
This video will give you a basic idea of the quality of the camera.The first shot is of Alice in her carseat, the action camera is not in the waterproof case. After that Alice and I took turns in the water.


Not a single one. This camera does it all; video, still shots and slow motion and all for under $55!! You can’t go wrong with this little guy!



  • Kate Sarsfield

    I’m just sitting her with my hands wrapped around a mug of soup, wearing fingerless gloves as well, trying to get warm and drooling over that sunshine!

  • Tamra Phelps

    I have a camera that can supposedly be used underwater, but I haven’t tried it underwater yet. Honestly, I don’t like the quality of the pictures above water, lol. This one looks much better.


    She really is a little poseur, isn’t she? Actually I’m surprised that you were allowed to use the camera near/in the pool. It’s illegal over here & I believe in the UK to safeguard children from possible paedophile behaviour.

  • michele soyer

    I do not take a good picture or go underwater at all BUT my son does so I shall pass this on to him.. Thank you Connie….

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