Food Cubby Review And Giveaway! 3 Winners!!

FoodCubbyPlease say this next line in your best ‘sing song’ voice! Just DO IT it or next time I add audio!

 Music1“Oh picky eaters! I have something special for youuuuu”Music2

Check out the Food Cubby!! This genius idea is best described by seven-year-old Ruby the lead designer of Food Cubby!

First, how articulate and adorable is Ruby?! I had made a video myself to show how to use the Food Cubby, but really? Why mess with perfection so I am using her’s instead.


I so badly wish these had been around when my kids were little. I have a 36-year-old son that I swear to you, at the last family get together complained that his beans were touching his potato salad. Now whether this was for the benefit of the nieces and nephews or if he really is STILL that picky, I’m not sure! All I know is that I need to keep these on hand!

I love the fact that I use my own plates. I don’t have to buy a set of sectioned plates for the Grandkids. (Those plates always need their own shelf or section in my already too full cupboards!) Heading to Grandma’s house? Throw these in the diaper bag or tote because they work with all kinds of plates!

Food Cubby’s also help teach kids not to touch their food by providing a ‘lip’ or ‘edge’ to push food towards. Hummm maybe I should start using these too!?


That’s a little more than a ½ cup of Mac-n-Cheese.

Food Cubby’s are BPA free and made with food-grade silicone. Bright and colorful too. You can even situate these back-to-back for four separate food areas.

Added bonus! You can use these for  your own portion control! Each little pocket that a Food Cubby creates will hold a ½ cup of food. BRILLIANT!!

Food Cubbys come in clear, orange and green

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None! Super easy to use. Dishwasher safe up to 300 degrees. Perfect for all ages!! I know my 36-year-old still hates his food to touch!


3 very lucky Peanut Butter and Whine followers will win their own set of 2 Food Cubby’s! Good LUCK!!

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  • Kate Sarsfield

    Hey, Tamra was a winner! Actually, being serious here for a moment, these could be extremely useful for anyone on the autism spectrum who finds the sight of food just higgledy-piggledy on a plate overwhelming. Anything practical to reduce sensation overload is always welcome!

  • Tamra Phelps

    Yes! My youngest nephew is 7, & he refused to eat his meatloaf the other day because it was touching the mashed potatoes! I would be mad…but I still insist on a bologna sandwich made with mayo on the bread not the bologna! lol

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