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Cool Caddy describes this product perfectly! I am a craftaholic; a trait that I have handed down to five-year-old Alice. I love creating things with her, she just gets so excited. With that said, there are a ton of problems associated with our crafting addiction. First being that we go to the craft store WAY TOO MANY TIMES a month!! Added to that the fact that I care for Alice at her place, a small apartment. The cherry on top? I usually leave everything at their place for the next project. My daughter’s head is about to explode! So trust me when I say this Cool Caddy offer came at the PERFECT time!!

Okay, exactly what is a Cool Caddy? Well, it’s a crafters delight! No it’s a crafters necessity! If I were to design my ideal craft room? I would have shelves and shelves of Cool Caddy products. These are amazing!

Starting with the Stackable Caddy Organizer. (Don’t forget to go thru Rakuten for 2% back) This is perfect for everything! Caddy storage containerWith a mix of large and small containers I have a place for scissors, glue, buttons and bows. Each Stackable Caddy has three different sized clear boxes with lockable lids. I can see at a glance what I am looking for. The boxes are different sizes; small and medium sized on one side and a long large container on the other. Each one of the boxes is removable from the sturdy white acrylic tray. On the handle there is what looks like a gray accent piece; but in reality it’s a hinge to lock two or more of these Stackable Caddy Organizers together. How brilliant is THAT?!?! Now I can easily travel between houses with my craft supplies. I’m not worried that anything will spill in the car! I am giddy!!

Added bonus if there are mounting bars available on if you wanted to mount this system on the wall.

Next up is the Rotating Carousel Organizer. Think a lazy susan for the crafters organizers in your life. This is my favorite Deflecto product. The Carousel is made Craftroom storage container of a sturdy white base that smoothly rotates around in either direction. There are 6 three inch containers and 3 six inch containers.  (say that fast three times!) Again, each container is crystal clear so I find what I’m looking for quickly and easily. Each container is removable, stackable and has a lid that snaps closed.  This would easily hold office supplies, sewing supplies or craft supplies.

Deflecto has been creating innovative and problem solving products for over 50 years; so to say they know there stuff is an understatement. Deflecto is a global leader in workspace accessories and is my favorite go-to shop so of course they work seamlessly together!!

What about you? If you could organize one spot in your home where would it be?


Not a single one!! Once again Shoplet is a one stop shop!! EVEN for crafting organization!! Seriously this site is easy to use. No muss, no fuss, easy ordering!



  • Kate Sarsfield

    Remember button jars? When your clothes got so worn that they were used as dusters, the buttons would be removed & kept. People just throw everything away these days 🙁

  • Tamra Phelps

    I could also see using the Rotating one in the kitchen. If you bake & need too keep your cake/cookie decorating bits nearby, it would be great in the see through containers there.

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