Airbender 3.0 Keyboard Case For iPad Air 2

If you spend anytime on my blog you now I am ALWAYS blogging. I write every single day. I write anytime I have five minutes to myself. Adding my iPad to my arsenal of blogging tools was the best thing ever. Adding a Airbender 3.0 iPad keyboard case made my iPad even more useful and my time more effective.

The Airbender 3.0 fits my iPad Air 2 like it’s molded on. The iPad snaps easily into the hard plastic cover. The case is unique because the keyboard case can be separated easily when I don’t need a keyboard.

Connecting the iPad to the keyboard couldn’t have been easier! Seriously, New Trent Keyboard pops up on the iPad within a second or two; click on KEYBOARD read the message that includes a code to enter and DONE!! Connected.

The Airbender 3.0 lets me use my iPad horizontal or vertical which is a big perk for me. The case is strong and firmly holds my iPad in the position I want thanks to the metal support arm.

More of my favorite perks are keys for home, brightness, virtual keyboard, cut/copy/paste, media, keyboard layouts and lock screen. Another perk I like is the fact there is a light on the key board that indicates the caps lock is on.

The keys are very easy to type on it’s not just comfortable but my typing is as accurate as a full size keyboard.

Another big perk for me is the closure. A small rubber latch to keep the keyboard and cover from opening accidentally. I LOVE this perk.

The rechargeable battery life is amazing. There is a Micro USB cord included for charging.

The case arrives very well packaged. The box alone screams quality!

This case is strong, durable and so very easy to use.

The key markings are stickers. I do wish these were etched in the keys, I tend to be really hard on keyboards. NOT that any of the markings are faded or missing and they very well may outlast my iPad.

The keyboard size is perfect! I can easily touch type on the Airbender! The keys are very responsive. Having a keyboard attached to my iPad makes it a breeze to work on my blog or answer emails. FANTASTIC addition for use while I travel.

Extend the silver ‘arm’ out from under the keyboard to adjust the angle of the iPad so that the display position is ideal for you. On the back of the keyboard is a slide switch, simply move it and the metal bar pulls out easily. There are two trays or slots to choose from just pick the one that is best for you. Be warned pulling the arm out is a little on the loud side so if you are in a meeting…. well, ya know… you’ll get attention!

The Airbender 3.0 has made my iPad Air 2 even easier to use! The sleep/wake function works perfectly, when you aren’t using the keyboard it will go into sleep mode. To wake up your keyboard tap any key. Easy peasy and saves battery!

The entire case is lightweight and easy to hold and work on.


I do wish the letters were etched in the keys instead of just stickers. Not a big whine, the keys will probably outlast my iPad! I am usually really hard on keys. Over all this is a fantastic keyboard case!! I’m thoroughly pleased.


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