Fairy Sparkle Lights For The Princess!!

Alice is a girly girl. Even at just 3 years old!! 100% GIRLY GIRL with Princess decorations on her walls, Princess dresses that would make Miss Charlotte Le Bouffs from Princess and the Frog weep!! Just in case you haven’t seen Disney’s 2009 Princess and the Frog …. well, it’s A LOT of dresses!! While Alice has everything a Princess needs she was still missing Princess Sparkly Lights.

Alice and I are so excited over her new Brightech Starry String Lights!! They are a PERFECT addition to Alice’s room!! Alice’s whole face lit up when I turned her Fairy Sparkle Lights on!!

The Brightech String Lights contain 20 feet of miniature LEDs along with a 6 foot power cord extension. I LOVE that the AC wall adapter has a place for you to plug the Starry String Lights in. You don’t have to unplug the wall adapter!! I LOVE that!!

Alice can’t wait for dusk so that we can turn on her lights.  She is in love with her 120 LED lights!! The photos don’t do these lights justice. They hang better than they look in the photos! I promise! The lights look like they float!! In a beautiful warm light!

Check it out the strand of LED fairy sparkle lights are good for over 20 YEARS!!! And only use 3.6 watts of power!!  The 120 LED lights are mounted on a very thin copper wire. Don’t worry the wire is insulated.  Turning the lights on at night and they truly look like they are floating!! Hence Alice’s Fairy Sparkle lights!! The lights don’t get hot, but since they are so delicate I put them up high; ya just never know what goes through a 3 year old’s mind!  So, better safe than sorry!


Not a single one! Alice is giddy over these and that makes me happy!! These are beautiful floating lights!!  Valentine Idea!! These would be amazing strung around a table for a romantic dinner! Alice and I give Brightech Starry String Lights 4 very enthusiastic thumbs WAY, WAY, WAY UP!!





    Love, love, love fairy lights especially tiny white ones! I’ve got some wrapped around the curtain rail on my room since Christmas & I’m very tempted to leave them there!

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