Family Picture Blocks

In March I won a giveaway from Coupon Deals and Steals. I won a set of DoubleMintDesigns picture blocks.  After Deanna finished the blocks she sent me a picture of the finished project to okay. Well, I couldn’t wait to get a picture of the blocks on the blog that I posted the picture Deanna sent. I probably should have waited till they arrived here.  That picture confused DH!! 
DH said “Those blocks came out great. Where’d ya put ’em?”
Me “I don’t know yet”
DH “But there on the blog”
Me “That’s picture that I approved the blocks”
DH “But, where did you put them”
Me “I haven’t decided”
DH “But, where are they now?”
Me “In the mail”

DH “How’d you get the picture on the blog!?”
It was like our own “who’s on first” comic routine!!
The blocks arrived today and are being proudly displayed on the tv stand. They came out so great!!  They are bigger than I thought they were. I LOVE them!!! Thank you DoublemintDesigns and Coupon Steals and Deals!! 

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