It’s a Baby Shower!

Lady at a baby shower
I spent the entire day with my oldest daughter Selena! ALL DAY!! I’m in heaven.  Selena well, not as much (Hello! Think of all day with YOUR mother!) AAhhhhh I don’t care… in 2 months she’ll have her own daughter that will have to put up WITH HER!  (Okay maybe not so much right at first…. okay… never mind… bad example).
Baby shower gifts
We had a great BabyShower up in L.A. This is one VERY lucky little girl!!n (the baby.. not Sel… well, you know what I mean)
Also… HATE L.A. traffic! WHERE are all those people GOING!? WHY is there a traffic jam on a Sunday afternoon?!?! Other than traffic… awesome day!!
Lady at a baby shower


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