Fanmis Unisex Sport Watch!

My mission this past summer was to find a fun and functional watch that I can read without my glasses and is waterproof in case I fall in the water during a paddle. The Fanmis Unisex Sport Watch was an instant match! I wanted a watch I could wear out paddling (stand up paddling or kayaking) since my Fitbit is not water proof and I need to it fit comfortably over my wetsuit. This watch does all that and more.Sports watch

First thing I noticed is the face of the watch is perfect for my poor vision. I like the size; I have never been a delicate ladies watch fan. The watch is white and has an LED backlight that adds just one more layer of safety in case I fall in the water and need rescuing, something that distinguishes me from a seal.
Sports Watch

Other things I look for in a watch:

  • Capable of 12H or 24H time– huge bonus for me since I prefer military time to 12H.
  • Day of the week – it’s a small thing but I like it. I can’t walk into the kitchen without forgetting what I needed so being able to at-a-glance tell the time is a huge bonus!
  • Clasp – this one has 2 hooks and a really thick band. I feel like my arm may come off before the watch does.
  • Price – I want to invest enough money that it’s a quality watch but not so much that I will be devastated if it’s lost. This fits the bill at only $13.99


I’m a fan of this watch; I think my next one will be the green one. It’s worth your money!

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