February 20th is National Love Your Pet Day!!

If you have been around my blog awhile I know you’ve heard me talk about our Golden Lab, Gracie. In our house Gracie is a member of the family. We aren’t alone, 83% of dog owners believe the same way! Course I have to wonder about that other 17%!!  I mean, seriously, who else in your house is excited to see you EVERY SINGLE TIME?!?!?! It doesn’t matter if I just went to the mailbox! Gracie runs to the door excited to see me! Gracie is always happy to play, exercise and yes even sleep with us. Course Gracie is like having a whole other person in bed!! 100 pounds of “MOVE OVER, I want more room” dog, but, she is our baby! We spoil Gracie, like I said, she is our baby! Gracie get’s brushed everyday, not just her fur but she gets her teeth brushed daily too. Gracie gets several walks a day. So of course we feed her the best dog food we can. We make sure it’s a healthy and natural diet. We found that with Wellness® Pet Food Gracie get’s all the good stuff she deserves with NONE of the bad fillers!! So, I challenge you to check your bag of dog food. Does it contain the same healthy ingredients? Wellness Check Your Bag Dog FoodDoes your dog food have the same boost of Super Nutrients??  Wellness Pet Food is full of real meat, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. The correct balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates. Add all that in with a boost of super nutrients, antioxidants, omega fatty acids, prebiotics and probiotics. ALL of that and NO added artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. WOW I am so impressed with Wellness Pet Food!! Dog food bagSome of the biggest benefits to Wellness® Complete Health® Recipes include:

  • Live Active Probiotics – Added after the cooking process to promote a healthy intestinal tract and overall digestive health at guaranteed levels
  • Omega 3 & 6 Mix – Offering guaranteed levels of essential fatty acids for cellular function and healthy skin
  • Essential Vitamins & Minerals – Designed for cellular health, immunity and disease resistance
  • Fruit & Veggie Antioxidants – A proactive step in improving your pet’s nutrition
  • Rigorous Safety Testing – A Quality Assurance program that maintains strict standards for food safety
  • Excellent Nutritional Standards – Every batch of dry food is tested throughout the entire manufacturing process, from its basic ingredients to the finished products

Gracie deserves the best. I know she is getting the best dog food I can give her and some fun toys too!! You can find Wellness Pet Food with the store locator. Then be sure to register for the Wellness Pet Club!!  Not only will you get great coupons but you will also learn about upcoming events! Contests and great feature articles and helpful tips and advice from veterinarians, trainers, and more. The Wellness Pet Club is a great club to belong too! Be sure to follow Wellness Pet Food on Facebook. ALL of that and Gracie LOVES Wellness Complete Health! What more can I ask for??

This is a sponsored post, however all views expressed are my own.


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