Interactive Fetch-N-Treat Dog Toy!!

Our Fur Baby Gracie is one smart and I might add spoiled little girl. Gracie is a 100 pound Yellow Lab. She is The Husbands constant companion. When The Husband is home Gracie is practically glued to his side. They are inseparable.

With all the attention Miss Gracie receives has become one very smart cookie, she helps take out the trash; by dragging the bags to the back door. All we do is tie the sack and set it outside the office, bedroom, and bathroom doors.


She gives ONE deep bark when the UPS man arrives.

Of course, if the water delivery man goes in the backyard we get a deep growl and 5 or 6 good deep barks. I swear she’s growling MY YARD! MY YARD!!

Gracie Yellow Lab
She loves a good game of keep away. Grab one of her tennis balls and she will chase us around the dining-room table (SHE cheats too! Eventually she goes under the table!)

Wait until you see her newest toy!! This is from Lumsing. An Interactive Fetch-N-Treat Dog Game. Here comes my first whine. It’s supposed to come with 3 free play-balls but ours only arrived with one. Interactive pet game

Now the idea of the Fetch-N-Treat is that you drop the ball into the opening and it will shoot out not only the ball but also a treat.

Absolutely perfect for dogs that love to play fetch and you don’t want too. It’s also great fun for when your Fur-Baby is home alone!

This is a simple little device. There are no batteries, nothing to plug in. There is a chute with a spring that sends out the ball after it is dropped in the top. I love that part! Trust me Alice’s toys keep the battery companies in business and PopPops wallet empty; we don’t need more games or devices that need batteries.

The small door on the top pulls open and there is a LARGE area for treats or dog food.

Here comes whine number two.  Which actually ended out not to be a whine…… because it was operator error!!  I complained because sometimes the chute doesn’t reset on it’s own. HOWEVER, when you actually go and read the directions.(Seriously, who needs directions?! Apparently I DO!) you have to use a SMALL treat or dog food. Gracie’s dog food was too big and that’s what caused the chute not to open.  (directions… good!!)

With directions read, new SMALL treats stored inside the Fetch-n-Treat works perfectly every single time. What a FUN toy this is! It’s taking Miss Gracie a little bit of time learning to play with the Fetch-n-Treat but she is 11 years old. So we cut her some slack.  I’ll have to share a video when she really gets the hang of this.


Only one whine; which is the missing tennis balls. Other than that, a great way to entertain your fur-baby when you aren’t home. (Or they are bored!) Great exercise for the dog and six-year-old Alice TOO!!

Next greatest dog and granddaughter entertainer?? The Pet Cube.



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