Five Tips for Healthier Back-to-School Lunches

Already many kids are back in school, and as such, many parents are struggling to find healthy back-to-school lunch options their kids actually like. With especially picky eaters, parents often have to get creative to put together something that is healthy and well-liked, as well as is budget-friendly.


However, before adding in anything brand new to your child’s diet, make sure they are not allergic. If your child already has pre-existing allergies, make sure they have the proper tools, such an EpiPen, with them during school hours. If your child has allergies and you do not have an EpiPen or other medication, because you are struggling to make your health care payments, look to see if you qualify for obamacare subsidies and aca subsidies, as you might be eligible for lower monthly health care payments.

While keeping your child’s allergies in mind, here are five tips for healthier back-to-school lunches:

1. Whole Grains
If your child eats a sandwich every day, incorporate as many whole grains as you can in their sandwich bread. Whole wheat breads have vital nutrients that help your child maintain a steady, healthy diet. Whereas white breads offer a lot of carbs and sugar, which can leave your children feeling lethargic and sluggish in the afternoons, whole grains help energize your children throughout the day.

2. Fruits and Veggies
Kids should eat at least five to six servings of fruit a day, and lunch is a perfect place to get a couple of those servings out of the way. Instead of buying pre-made fruit cocktails, cut up fresh fruit for your kids. Not only is it more cost effective, your child is also receiving more nutrients. If your child takes a lunch pail to school, consider placing a small frozen ice pack in there to keep the fruit cold and refreshing. For vegetables, pack dips, such as hummus to add more flavor to the veggies while also adding in extra nutrients.

3. Water
Pack a mini water bottle in your child’s lunch. Children need water in their diets, but often drink more sugary sports drinks than water. Giving your child water instead of a sugary fruit drink can help them get the proper hydration they need. Additionally, consider freezing the water bottle, allowing it to act as an ice pack in the lunch pail. By the time lunch comes around, the food will be cool and the water bottle should be thawed enough to drink.

4. Chips and Crackers
For kids who love crunchy foods, and won’t be fooled by the crunch of carrots or celery, look into packing baked potato chips instead of traditional potato chips. Alternatives to potato chips, like baked chips are healthier, as they are not as oily as regular potato chips.

5. Deli Meat
Look for low-sodium deli meat, like turkey or chicken, both of which are high in protein and much lower in sodium than other meats.

Using these tips can help keep your children fueled for the day!

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  • Sherrie C.

    Good tips! My daughter-in-law always packs a healthy lunch for my granddaughter because the food they serve at school is unappetizing and, for the most part, unhealthy.


    It frightens me how many children go to school without having had a breakfast. I’ve worked in education for years and the situation is worse now than ever. Tbese children then have sugar-rich, high-salt snacks for their lunches & many have a takeaway or frozen pizza for their evening meal. I have taught children in homes where they didn’t have a table or knives & forks. All meals were eaten with their fingers in front of the telly. When we hear of famine we think of 3rd world, war-torn regions but believe me child malnutrition is rife in our so-called developed countries.

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