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O!coat Paris iPad Mini Cover From Ozaki

A new iPad Case makes me so happy! I tell you guys all the time how addicted I am to cases, it’s a serious addiction!! I love the option of having a different color anytime I want one. I especially love cases that are unique AND pretty. This cover is both! I’m already a HUGE fan of OZaki products and this case just adds to my love of all things Ozaki!! Check out Ozaki O!coat Travel 360° Multi Angle Smart Case For Apple iPad Mini 3 / 2 / 1

This is the Paris case. A pretty pinkish peachy color case that has all things Paris emboxxed on the cover. From the Eiffel Tower to little cafes. From Lips to dress forms. Ohhh la la. This case IS so CUTE!!

A perfect case from the moment it arrived. The packaging is made of recycled cardboard. There are easy follow instructions for folding the flap into so many different configurations. There is even an elastic band on the back of this case that not only keeps this cover closed when it’s in my purse; BUT I can secure it over the headrest in the car so that the kids in the backseat can watch a movie! I LOVE THAT feature!!! An added bonus is that the elastic band doesn’t get all out of shape after being around the headrest; it still holds my iPad closed securely.

The outside of this cover is easy to clean. The inside is a soft microfiber feeling material that I swear cleans my screen when the cover is closed. The cover is also a smart case; meaning close the cover and the iPad goes off. Open the cover and your sign in screen pops up.

My favorite feature though has to be that this case adds absolutely NO bulk to my iPad!! This is a very slim case.

I must have all of these covers!! The Pink is Paris; Orange is New York; Red is Beijing; Blue is London; Black is Rome; White is Russia; Gray is Seoul; Light Blue is Sydney; Hot Pink is Tokyo. Something for EVERYONE!!

Here are a few more specs about the Ozaki O!coat

360° Stability
Slim size with both portrait and landscape
Adjustable Multi-angle viewing mode for landscape
Stands steadily even when play touch screen game
Front and Back protection
Secure elastic band
Integrated magnets in cover activate iPad’s sleep/wake function

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Not a single one!! I give the Ozaki O!coat Travel 360° Multi Angle Smart Case For Apple iPad Mini 3 / 2 / 1 two very enthusiastic thumbs WAY UP!! I LOVE this case!!



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