Flowers for Home Parties and Special Occasions!

When entertaining guests in your home for various occasions, you may want to decorate to impress. Here are some decorating ideas using flowers for popular occasions.

Table flowersFlower Decorations for Dinner Parties

Planning to host a marvellous dinner party for friends or family? Delicious food, fine wine and a beautiful table centerpiece will set the scene for a memorable night.

During spring and summer months, you can use fresh cut garden flowers to create your own table centerpiece. During winter, you may need to visit the markets or a florist to buy flowers. If you’re short on time, you can purchase a ready made centerpiece from your local florist – and have it delivered.

If you choose to make your own table centerpiece, there are a lot of great ideas on the internet to inspire you. Try doing a Bing/Google image search Floral Table Centerpieces.

Flower Decorations for Birthday PartiesBirthday Flowers

Birthday parties are all about having fun. Balloons and streamers are mostly used to create bright colours and a fun environment. You can also add colour by including flowers in your decorations.

Flowers can be used as a table centerpiece, arranged throughout the room or used as a decoration on the birthday cake. Flowers are a great birthday gift, so if you have received flowers as a gift on your birthday, be sure you display them somewhere prominent, so everyone can see them.

Christmas Decorations using Flowers

Christmas wreath flowersDecorating your home for Christmas is fun both for children and adults alike. Besides decorating the traditional Christmas tree, there are other decoration ideas you can do around the house to lend to the festive season.

Christmas Door Wreath’s are available from most florist shops or you can make one yourself. Door wreaths for Christmas typically include green foliage as the base with red flowers and accented by small white flowers. Use whatever flowers you like that are in season. Christmas Wreaths can be further decorated with bells, globes, stars, tinsel, etc as found on a Christmas tree. Add fairy lights connected to a battery to make it stand out at night.

If you are planning a Christmas party at home, decorate the dinning table with Christmas themed flowers. A table centerpiece is a great place to start. You can use almost any type of flower that is in season. Use plenty of lush green foliage with red flowers such as roses, carnations or chrysanthemums. Add small white flowers such as heliotrope, wisteria, delphiniums, clematis, etc to create the traditional gree, red and white Christmas theme. You can also add Christmas tree decorations such as bells or tinsel to your Christmas Centerpiece.

Popular flowers for Christmas include Holly and Mistletoe. Both are plants bearing tiny inedible berries and traditionally used as decorations in December.

Celebrating Easter with Flowers

Easter flowersEaster flowers are very popular and with a bit of creativity can make an interesting table centerpiece design or gift idea.

Using a basket arrangement of flowers add a toy bunny rabbit surrounded by small chocolate Easter eggs. This will make a sure hit with children of all ages.

For fun, add coloured Easter eggs or chocolate eggs amongst your flowers or table arrangement.

Many florists are are closed on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. If you need to buy flowers on Saturday, the day before Easter Sunday, place an order with your local florist at least a week before. Don’t leave buying flowers to the last minute. If you are busy, you can buy a ready made Easter Flower Arrangement from Yes Florist and have it delivered to your home.

Tips for Handling Flowers

  • Always use a clean vase. You can clean a vase using dish washing detergent. Bleach can also be used to kill germs and bacteria.
  • Use fresh clean water in your vase. Change your water daily. Bacteria in your vase and water is not good for cut flowers.
  • Add a small amount of sugar to your water to feed the flowers. Sugar accelerates bacteria growth, so be sure to change your water daily.
  • Display your flowers away from direct sunlight, heaters and air conditioners to maximise the life of the flowers.
  • Follow these simply care instructions and your cut flowers should stay fresh for at least 10 days.

Easter eggs


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