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#Franchising Success!! The Supercuts Way!!

So, who should own a Supercuts Franchise? Well, ANYONE!!! Anyone that is tired of punching a clock.  Anyone that wants to own a company that supplies a NEED!! People will stop going to movies, spa trips, even eating out at expensive restaurants. However, unless you trust your Mom with scissors, you and your family will need haircuts. This is a need based business!! Why not go with a company that is widely recognized!! One that already has national advertising already in place. This is a low-cost, high quality service!! Supercuts will be around forever!

You don’t have to be a stylist or even know the first thing about hair to own a Supercuts Franchise!!  Check out this story from Chris Serrano, she is a former real estate agent.

When you own a Supercuts franchise you need a minimum number of staff.  Your inventory costs are low.  Your hours are better than other franchise options like fitness, food, automotive businesses.  The Supercuts brand is already widely recognized and sought after nationwide. Need more reasons to check out Supercuts?  How about for five years in a row, Supercuts was #1 in the Haircare category and #5 overall in the 2013 Franchise 500.Owned by Regis Corporation, Supercuts is one of the largest and most iconic salon brands around. Serving more than 33 million guests annually and test new products and services in corporate stores before launching them nationally to their franchisees.With 30 years of experience, Supercuts has streamlined salon operations down to a science, with simplicity at the forefront of every procedure they implement, so you can put them into practice quickly and efficiently.
This is a sponsored post on behalf of Supercuts. I received payment for writing this post however all opinions are my own.


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