How To Have More Confidence!

Confidence affects everything we do, and when we lack it, it can have a detrimental to our well-being. So, what is it that is stops us from having confidence and living the life we want? It could be many things, but usually, it stems from having self-doubt, not feeling good enough, or comparing oneself to others all the time. When you constantly have low confidence, it can increase the likelihood of depression. The good news is that there are things we can do to improve confidence, and this guide gives you some tips.

What is Confidence?

Confidence is the self-belief that a person has about their abilities and qualities, and it is a key attribute that we possess to feel good about ourselves. Being confident doesn’t mean being cocky and arrogant; rather, true confidence is being self-assured and happy in one’s skin. But how do you gain more confidence if you don’t already feel it?

Man in a suit


Looking after yourself is one way to feel confident. Wear clothes that make you feel good, rather than worrying about style. You could wear the latest fashion and still not be confident if you are not comfortable with what you’re wearing. Wear what you like to wear, and you will be relaxed on the inside.

While a lot of people can be confident without worrying about their appearance, for others having an issue with an aspect of their appearance can truly knock their confidence. It might be acne-prone skin, skinny arms, or male or female pattern baldness. The good news is that there is always something you can do to improve your appearance if it affects your confidence, such as advanced tricho pigmentation treatment for thinning hair.

Healthy Body

So, you’ve worked on a healthy look and a healthy mind, so why not get a healthy body too? This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to start eating salads and going to the gym every day, but even things like a simple trip to the doctor to check for any ailments can be a real stepping stone in regaining confidence. Perhaps you’ve lost passion in the bedroom because of how your body looks and feels, and your confidence is causing a lack of intimacy. If this is the case you could be suffering from a lack of testosterone, which is the leading cause of erectile dysfunction in men.

If this is slowing you down, then a trip to an ED Clinic North Overland Park (or one closer to you) can really benefit you. They will be there to discuss all the available options with you, and before you know it, you’ll be fully confident and enjoying time with your partner.


Confidence comes from loving yourself from within, and to do that you need to look after your inner beauty, which means keeping your mind and body healthy. Keep your body in good shape by eating healthily and taking regular exercise.

Your mental health also affects your outlook and your confidence. Make sure you do all you can to keep stress to a minimum and keep yourself excited about what life has to offer.

Conversation Skills

If you find that you don’t know what to say when socializing, then you might need to work on your conversation skills to give you more confidence. The best way to keep a conversation going is to ask someone questions about themselves, and their responses will naturally trigger other topics of conversation. Remember that no matter who you are talking to, they are a human with the same hopes, dreams, and frustrations that we all feel. When you are able to talk freely with someone, you’ll find that you get more confidence as you can just be yourself.

When you lack confidence, it can feel as though you just want to hide away from the world. However, to get over it, you need to work on your gaining your confidence back. So take things slowly and learn to love yourself, and soon you’ll find that your confidence grows.



  • Sue E

    It’s ashame that America has an eye for beauty and sets the rules for it! That’s also where bullying comes in! If you don’t meet America’s standards then you’re not right?! Everyone is God’s child and is beautiful!!
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!
    Confidence goes hand in hand with the whole package! She’s not only smart, but beautiful! It doesn’t have to! You should always be beautiful and smart and everything else you want to be in your eyes! They are the only ones that count!!

  • CJ

    I’m 35 and I feel like I am still 12 when it comes to self-confidence. I am seriously lacking. I think you have to keep trying and fake it til you make it.

  • Rosie

    Quiet self-confidence is an asset, for yourself and making you attractive to others. It is something to make a priority when raising kids, spending time with nieces, nephews, grandkids. And also nurturing it in your own life.

  • Dana Rodriguez

    I used to lack confidence as a teen but thankfully I turned that around. I know loving yourself from within is a huge step in the right direction.

  • Tracy Suzanne DeLoach

    I feel like I could repeat Kates comment above and it would be completely my story. Other than family most people don’t know how little confidence I have. I can encourage anyone else and see just how many wonderful attributes they have but I always feel like I don’t quite belong or I’m just not perfect enough. And we all know, that no one is perfect. The lies that our head tells us….

  • Kate Sarsfield

    No-one ever believed me when I told them that I’ve got very little confidence as I come across as being so self-assured. I could teach a class, give a lecture to a roomful of people seemingly without a bother, but actually I’d rather be hiding under the table! After I turned 50 I decided that to hell with it, what does it matter if I get something wrong or say the wrong thing? I still have self-doubt but I just don’t let it get to me as much.

  • Rebecca W

    I really think how we perceive ourselves affects our confidence. Even if I’m not leaving the house, I still dress up as if I might have someone stop by.

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