Pretty sure the clerks at StaterBrothers grocerys think I’m casing the joint.  No shopper on the face of the earth could shop any slower!  Nope. Couldn’t unless you were shopping on your knees maybe?
I had a break today, 2 hours. Alllllllllll by myself…. okay well, except the other shoppers at StaterBrothers.  2 reasons it took me so long…… first….today is the first time I’ve been out where there isn’t a phlebotomist involved.  Besides the lab at the hospital not so much fun….. nope. No matter WHAT you’ve heard!
2nd DH’s doctor said low sodium diet……… welllllllllllllllllll I had NO IDEA how hard it would be to find meals to fix that are low sodium.  HOLY CRAP this is challenging! You really do have to read and compare EVERY SINGLE LABEL of everything that goes into your cart!!
But I came back home refreshed and ready to carry on.  (But not in ANY hurry what-so-EVER to go grocery shopping anytime soon!)

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