TENNIS Elbow??

DH was in getting more blood work done. (We have our own set of mugs down at Scripts! Next week I think they deliver the matching recliners) See a wall to wall waiting room for the lab I figured DH would be a while and I had time to go to urgent care for my arm.  My elbow is killing me!  I try and lift anything and it shoots horrible sharp pains down my arm.  My fingertips are numb….and blah blah blah… Anyway, I’m there…. why not go ask WHY!?!?  and more importantly can you make the pain GO AWAY!?!?!

Bottom line?  Tennis Elbow.  SAY WHAT?!?!  I can’t have TENNIS ELBOW!  I hate tennis. It is not fun. I don’t want to chase a stupid little yellow ball around the courtyard.  I’m also a firm believer that the person that thinks this is a fun game, they should have to run and retrieve any (okay ALL) errant balls. I played one time in the 70’s it was enough. Enough to know it wasn’t fun and it gave me TENNIS ELBOW!!  ; )
I’m on a strong dose of steroids to try and fix the elbow. Steroids make you balloon up!!  Apparently the doctor did not read yesterday’s post?!?!  I said I wanted to make my weight go DOWN!!  GESH!!!  (Okay, okay settle down I know that 50 little Steroid pills will not make me turn into the female Arnie spouting “Let me pUmp you UP”  But still………
So my elbow hurts but the pain killer drugs are AmaZing!!

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