Back to the beginning………

Time to get back to my blog roots.  I’ve gained back 27 of the 30 pounds I lost for the Challenge now that I have no one to RACE to the thin line my motivation has been very lacking.  Who does this??!  WHO works so hard at loosing for 6 months to have it all heaped right back on over night?!??!  Yes, over night, don’t look at me like that!!  I would have seen it coming when my cute skinny clothes didn’t fit if came little by little.  I would have seen it and fixed it right away.  So over NIGHT is what happened. (NO?)  Okay, fine….. how about I have a pregnant daughter that I have such empathy with that I wanted to gain preggo weight with her to make her feel good about pregnancy weight gain.  So I woke up this morning with 9month weight! (HA!  That’s a good one! Huh!? No?)
Hubby’s heart and continuing health scare?
Daughters Pregnancy
My Mom moved in
Hubby quiting smoking day 11
Grandkids outta state
Lazy ass
Bored eating
Stress eating
Haven’t been to work for 11 days stress… you know $$ stress as in…. outta sick time… outta vacation time $$ stress
Don’t sleep well
Lazy friggin’ ass who let this happen AGAIN?!?!?!?! WTF?!?!
I have any excuse you will accept.  But the buck POUNDS stop HERE! NOW!!  AGAIN!! FOR THE LAST TIME!!!  No more excuses. (MAN!! If I can argue this well with myself think of the hell that DH and my children endure daily!!)  
Okay so bottom line.  Today is Monday 1/24/2011 and the scale stops here! 
Sleep burns calories right??  Cause I’m off to bed and sleep it off….. wait….. maybe THAT’s how I gained it back!?!  It happened while I was sleeping!!!!!!! 
No more excuses. Eating right and drinking water… lots and lots of water!

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