What’s On The Trail Cam Friday!

Diane, you pointed out there hasn’t been much to comment on lately. Let’s just call it L-A-Z-Y!!

So, I here by designate Friday’s as “what’s on the trail cam!”

So, after going through 3000 (yeah, you read that correctly 3000) photo’s I found a few that are post worthy. I also realized that the batteries must be low because all I have are night photo’s.

We get constant traffic by this trail cam. It’s directly on the side of my craft room. I never get tired of the visitors.

Here is what we got this week!

25 thoughts on “What’s On The Trail Cam Friday!

    1. Sarah, GOOD!! It’s an easy post and I really do love seeing what comes by the house all day. It’s amazing how much traffic I get in the middle of the night. Now that dang moose…… if she would just stop and smile at the little camera!

  1. I am going to still comment on this post as I love the deer on the webcam. That buck is truly a magnificent animal. I love his rack, 6 point I am guessing from the pictures. Thanks for posting. My husband was quite entreated by the photos as well.

    1. Diane, this trail cam is the GREATEST invention! I never get tired of looking at the pictures!! We have a young doe that just had twins and they are so cute all together! I’m hoping for a good picture of them for Friday.
      BTW you can comment on the same post over and over…. and take credit on the giveaway. I’m easy.

  2. Are those wild turkeys? That’s pretty neat, too. I love seeing the deer and the bears, but the other wildlife is pretty interesting, too.

    1. Tamra, yes those are wild turkeys we have HUNDREDS of them. They mix with the deer all the time. The only animals that stay by themselves are the bears.
      Last night we had coyotes howling something horrible. I took Miss Bear out and the howling scared me!! We came inside and I made The Husband take Bear out. I’m not dumb!

    1. Mami I do have a show! My favorite is when the wild animals come to the door and Bear goes nose to nose through the glass. She doesn’t bark they just stare at each other. Coolest thing!

  3. Now this is funny! I didn’t see my name till last night. Thank you and we appreciate you finding us new articles to comment on. You made me laugh today! Thanks.

  4. These are fascinating photos. It is amazing that you have such a nice assortment of animal wildlife just outside your door.

    1. Nancy, I really am so lucky! These animals are so pretty!! We have the Moose back. A mom and baby. I’m hoping they walked past the trail cam. They have not been cooperating with me. I put the trail cam in one spot they got the other way around the house. Stubborn camera shy beasts!

    1. I really love the trail cam! I really hope they drop those antlers close to the house! It’s gonna be a FUN spring hunting for all of those! Did you see our weird guy? He just has 2 stick straight antlers. Poor guy!

  5. Oh deer will you look at that! Lol! I am jealous of your scenery and your wildlife. It really is breath taking. So beautiful!

    1. Diane, I still can not believe I’m not looking at the back of an apartment building and hearing rap music that rattles the windows. I canNOT believe I live HERE!!!!! It’s so pretty! I stayed in bed really late this morning just quiet staring outside. WAIT!! I wasn’t being lazy I was mediating! Make your husband mediate!

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